Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Big Hammer - 3000 Points 2 org Charts

Quick list for a Tuesday
Space Marines
Librarian - Terminator Armor, Force Axe, Storm Shield, Null Zone, Avenger

5 Terminators - Heavy Flamer

5 Tactical Marines
Razor Back - Twin Linked Lascannon, Hunter Killer

5 Tactical Marines
Razor Back - Twin Linked Lascannon, Hunter Killer

5 Tactical Marines
Razor Back - Twin Linked Lascannon

5 Scouts - Snipers, 1 Missile
5 Scouts - Snipers, 1 Missile

Storm Talon - Typhoon Missiles
Storm Talon - Typhoon Missiles
Storm Talon - Skyhammer Missiles

Storm Raven - Twin Linked Assault Cannon, Twin Linked Multi Melta
Thunder Fire Cannon
Thunder Fire Cannon

Defence Line - Quad Gun

Imperial Guard
Primaris Psyker - Pyromancy

Veteran Squad - Demo, 2 Meltas, Heavy Flamer
Veteran Squad - Demo, 2 Flamers, Heavy Flamer

Sentinel - Auto Cannon

Griffon Mortar
Leman Rus Battle Tank - Las Cannon

Defence Line
Quad Gun

I'm practice I found that air superiority is key 6 Flyers, 3 Anti Air units, a smattering of AT and Anti Horde. bunch of shooting and some assault elements. I'll post the results monday.

I'm also reopening the comments, so let me know if you're out there.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Goings on - Army update and new Charity Project

It's been a while but I have decided to spend some more time blogging again.

What I've been up to
- Sold a bunch of stuff
- Bought a bunch of stuff
- Repainted a few armies
- Started a Charity Project

Currently Working on
Space Marines/ Dark Angles In Hawk Lords Colors

Finished Models
- Bike Captain
- 3 Squads of Bikes
- 5 Scouts
- 2 Storm Talons
- 1 Whirlwind
Started Models
- 2 More Squads of Bikes
- 2 Tactical Squads
- 1 more Storm Talon
- 2 Thunder Fire Cannons
Not Started
- 5 Terminators
- Samael
- Belial
- Azreal
- 2 Librarians
- More Characters
- 2 Contemptors

Space Wolves/Blood Angels - Painted as Raptors
- Librarian/Rune Priest
- 3 Grey hunter squads/Tactical Squads
- 2 Rhinos
- 1 Razor Back
- 10 Wolf Guard/Sgts
- Wolf Lord
- 2 x Long fangs/Devestators
- 2 x Scout Squads
-1 Rhino
- 2 x Grey Hunters/Tactical Squads
- 1 x Foot assault Squad/Blood claws
- 3 Vindicators
- 3 Pods
More Scouts
Not Started
- Jump Pack Comand Squad
- 3-6 Sanguinary Priest
- 20 Assault Marines
- Tech Marine  + Servitors
- Characters
- Bjorn Dread

Grey Knights - Exorcists Theme
Not Started
- Grey Knights
- Terminators
- Characters
- Storm Raven
- Dreadnought

- Yarrick
- Psyker
- Command
- Platoon Command
- 3 Infantry Squads
- Artillery gun
- 2 Vendettas
Not started
- Sentinel
- Hydra
- Leman Rus

Chaos Death  Guard
- Typhus
- lord of Nurgle
- Herald of Nurgle/Lord
- 35 Plague Marines
- 35 Zombies/Plauge Barers
- 2 Deamon Princes of Nurgle
- Heldrake
- 3 Obliterators
- 2 Forge Fiends

- 3 Defence lines

Charity Project

On Top of the above I have started a Charity Project. Run in Conjection with Battle Around the Vines
This year for a fund raiser we will be trying something new. 
I will be asking for people to donate their old and unwanted models. 
I and maybe a few other volunteers will then strip, clean repair and repaint them 
I am hoping that we can put together a 2000-3000 point army between us which will then be raffled off at BaV.
I will be donating my time, paint, Brushes and a display board. 
I am Not sure how ticket sales will be done yet
Once the models start coming in there will be a poll to decide the color scheme, This may get fluffy depending on what gets donated. 
I am entertaining the idea that Major contributors will get a few free tickets, as a thank you to Bigest contributor/s I will be creating small trophies. 
So please, pledge models below, I will be collecting models at Lords of Terra, MOAB and possibly Cancon or PM me and we can work something out. 
I am Mainly looking for marines but Guard, GK or Sisters of battle are also good. if you want to donate anything else I will try to incorporate it. 

Good Games Gosford has agreed to be a collection center. 

You can drop off or post models to 

Level 1, 135 Mann St
Gosford, NSW 2250

Alternatively PM me and we can work something out. 
Any questions let me know.


I will kick things off by Donating 

1 Landspeeder typhoon
1 Lascannon Missil Launcher Dread
10 Robed Veteran Marines
1 display Board