Friday, July 31, 2009

Round 7 League results

VS Orks - Spear head, 2 objectives.

Not the game I was expecting. My oponnent was equipped with

- War boss
- Looters
- burners
- 2 x 10 boys
- 3 deff copters
- 1 truck with 10 nobs.

He formed up at the front of his deployment zone. I formed up in an arc. Vindicators in the middle, rhino's on the sides, And dreds on the flanks.

due to the lack of cover this was nothing short of a massacre. in turn 1 I placed my drop pod next to my opponents objective and cleared it of a squad of boys. After taking 2 rounds of shooting my opponent decided he was better off running away from my armour. My libraians squad was wiped out in close combat but my fire power was too much.

When the game ended on turn 5 I controlled my objective with my opponents had no units anywhere near it.

Next week a challange. Can I make a list that gets 5 out of 5 for comp and still win.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

League List - Possibly for 2 games

Since I didn't get my game in last week I'll probably end up playing 2 this week. One will be against my friend Rob who managed to take out best general on the weekend. So something tough to take down the sisters of battle. I also wanted to test out my new drop pod idea.

Librarian - Avenger, Force Dome

Tactical Squad - Plasma Pistol, Plasma gun, Multi Melta
Drop Pod

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Missile Launcher

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Missile Launcher

Drednought - Plasma Cannon, CCW, Storm Bolter
Drednought - Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer

Heavy Support

This is a little harder than I would ussually run for league but I really need some strong wins to make up points in the last few weeks.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

LOT Results and List Analysis

Firstly full results can be found at

I was playing in the Aspirants tournament and came in at 16th out of 35.

Points Scored - 49 ( 14 - 0 - 7 - 10 - 18)
Highest - 76 (Going to the only player I lost to)
Lowest - 16

Points Scored - 15 (Apparently due to my armour
Max possible - 25
Highest - 22 (to the Eldar army I played in round five run by my friend Spakka)
Lowest - 8 (Also Eldar, though this was a cheese list)

Points Scored - 19.5 - I'm a little disapointed in this. I do play to win but really enjoyed my games. But I did end up in the middle.
Max Possible - 25
Highest - 22.5
Lowest - 17.5

Points Scored - 18 (Still trying for pics.)
Highest - 28
Lowest - 1

Points Scored - 110.5
Highest - 155.9 (To the same eldar player that beet me)
Lowest - 69.5

Top 5
Space Marines
Space Marines
Witch Hunters

- After receiving a 1 for compostion a player taking 7 valkeries failed to win a single game due to failing dangerous terain checks.
- The only Tua player managed only 1 win. Against Necrons.
- in the Open 16 players took MEQ armies with a good spread of others including 5 IG and 4 Eldar.


Librarian - Did what it was supposed to. Droped, Avengered a squad in 4/5 games and then died horribly distracting my oponent from my fire base.

3 x Tactical Squads w/Rhinos - again did their job. The only thing of note was that I only fired 1, maybe 2, multimelta shots all tournament. I thik this was because in the ojective missions I was keeping them mobile, in kill point missions I was trying to get as many bolt guns into range as possible. I think thier lack of range was a major draw back.

Scouts - in game 1 I forgot about them. Forgot to bring them in from reserve at all so my opponent got the kill point for them. Game 2, died horribly, Game 3 out flanked in the middle of no where and did nothing. Game 4 Won the game for me. Infiltrated on an objective and held it all game. Game 5, Died horribly. I will still keep them because I do not feel the oponents or missions let me take full advantage of the unit.

2 x Drednoughts (twin linked Las cannon, missile launcher) - Game 1 killed a hive tyrant, a carifex and more. Game 2 killed before they could do much. Game 3 Killed a vindicator and caused chaos. Game 4, Killed a deamon prince, a drednought and several rhinos. Game 5 played standoff against rangers.

These two are incredible. when shooting at the same target they can bring down anything. They are a must have in a shooty list.

Sternguard - This unit did their job. But ultimately are too expensive for a suicide unit. I'm going to try swapping them for a basic Drednought and a Tactical squad with Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Multi Melta, and see how this does in thier place. The ussually got 1 round of shooting, THe heavy flamer was a nice touch but does not justify the expense.

Heavy Support
2 x Vindicators - Pure awesome. The ability to take out an entire unit of almost anything make up for the short range.

Whirlwind - This unit is like the scouts. Under performed but I'm not sure if that is because of bad luck or not. Game 1 it harrassed gaunts and did little else, Game 2 it died quickly, Game 3 and 4 it harrassed the enemy but did little. Game 5 it failed to hit anything. I specically brought it in to take out Scouts, rangers, orks etc. and then when it gets a chance to shine can't hit a thing.

The next 1750 tournament is CanCon held on the Australia day long weekend (about 25th Jan) if I was going to change this list to take it here is what I would do


Librarian - Cheap, efficient, effective

2 x Tactical Squads - Flamer, Missile Launcher, Rhino - Can't beat the classics.
1 x Tactical Squad - Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Multi Melta, Drop Pod (Replaces SternGuard)
1 x Tactical Squad - Plasma Pistol, Melta Gun, Multi Melta, Drop Pod - Back up for the sternguard to deal with the land raider factor, being that the land raider is one of the few vehicles that can't be taken down to a plasma shot in the rear armour.

Scouts - 5 Snipers

2 x Drednoughts (twin linked Las cannon, missile launcher) - Tank snipers are a must have
1 x Drednought - Multimelta, CCW, Storm Bolter.

Heavy Support
2 x Vindicators - Pure awesome. The ability to take out an entire unit of almost anything make up for the short range.



- 1 more troop choice
- 1 extra piece of armour
- 1 Close Combat unit
- more flexible troops.

Any thoughts post a comment bellow.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Lords of Terra - The Result

Lords is finished. Let the preperation for MOAB begin.

This was great weekend. Final write ups are still a few hours off so stay tuned for those. My list can be found in previous posts

here's the rundown


Game 1 Vs Swarm Nids - Killpoints, Pitched Battle.

His List - 2 Hive tyrants w/guards, 2 shooty Carnifexes, 3 Zornathropes, Shooty warriors, Winged Warriors, 40 gaunts, 8 gargoyles

2 things decided this game. Deployment and dice.
My oponent deployed his fast moving close combat troops on one side of the board with his shooting troops in the middle. I deployed my entire army (except the drop pod) in the corner oposite his close combat troops. There were two large buildings forming a funnel directly to my guns.

He of course swarmed the funnel turn 1. My first bit of luck happened when 4 out of 8 gargoyles failed dangerous terain checks. I set my drop pod with the sternguard and librarian to come down behind a swarm of Guants for an easy kill. It scattered 12" in to the funnel landing directly in front fo the gaunts, a 2 carnifexts, a Hive tyrant with guards and a Zornathrope.

The stern guard took out a Fex, a Zornathrope and manged to flame through the thrope into the Gaunts. in turn 2 the Sterguard died the librarian lived. My turn 2 the Librarian gated out of combat and my army opened up on the remnants. Turn 3 he wrecked my drop pod and his gaunts shot down my librarian, while his fast movers ran down the center and around a building at me.

Although my Sternguard and librarian died quickly they caused significant damage and inconvinience that prevented my fire base being swarmed. The amount of guns shooting out where able to stop him getting any more kill points.

Result - Clear Victory. 14-6
Game 2 - Vs Mech Eldar- capture and control, Spear head.

2 fire prisms, 2 Autarcs, 2 jet bike squads, 4 dire avenger squads in wave serpents

I spread my self to thin on this one. Eldar are fast and nasty the only way to beat them with marines is to create a strong point and hold. If you split you army they are fast enough to bring thier full fire power on to a different piece each time and kill it. After deploying badly it was impossible to recover.

Massive loss - 0-14

Game 3 - Vs Salamanders, 4 objectives, Dawn of war

My oponent was running a similar list to mine. Vulkan, 20 marines in rhinos, 5 sternguard in a razor back, 2 vindicators, 2 land speeders and a bike squad.

My drop pod took out a vindicator, stunned a scond and the stormbolter stunned a land speeder. Once again my oponent spent 3 turns taking out my sternguard. My dreds managed to keep his second vindicator from firing while my vindicators managed to take out pockets of infanty and his bike squad.

Due to his flamers, meltas and multimeltas I held back and played defensively tehn rushed the objectives turn 5. At this point I was winning 4-0. The game went 2 more turns in which time he pushed forward to wipe me off one objective and contest 2 others.

Result - Draw.

Game 4 Vs Chaos Marines - Bean Counters. Pitched battle. 1 point for each objective held at the end of each player turn.

Deamon prince, 30 marines in Rhinos, drednought, raptor squad, 2 Havok squads.

My scouts came into thier own here. My oponent bunched up in the middle of the board. My scouts manged to infintrate onto a objective in his deployment zone. he managed to move on to the center objective and the other on his side.

My drop pod came down and caused carnage again killing a havok squad and failing to melt a rhino. the deamon prince and raptors took till turn 3 to finish them off. mean while I took the two objectives on my side and managed to contest the center while giving my vindicators
clear shots at the two rhinos holding objectives

My scouts unusually good shooting, plus a bad dangerous terain check meant the oposing raptors were down to one man by the time they reached the scouts, The center objective was the focus of a melee lasting most of the game.

Result - Close Win - 23-16

Game 5- Vs Sneaky Eldar - Victory points.
the point cost of what you kill (half kill is half points) + whatever you have with in 12" of the centre

2 x Pathfinders, 4 x Rangers, 2 x Striking scorpions, 2 x warp siders, dark reapers

This was against my friend Spakka. Both of us coming down in the same car for the event laughed about how badly mismatched our armies were.

My drop pod of doom took and his scorpions took each other out nicely, 1 squad of spiders scattered off the board when deep striking his other spider squad did some damage then got obliterated by my guns. His snipers got some luck rends and killed a rhino and half a squad. His reapers took out a scout squad.

in the end I had 1050 of my 1750 on the objective to his 0 and managed to kill half his army.

Result - Clear Victory

Final results. 3 wins, 1 draw, 1 loss.
Approx place (awaiting confirmation and details) 16 out of 35.

What I noticed.
- Tau and Necrons were hard pressed to win a game.
- Valkaries are surprisingly under powered.
- Eldar are hard for marines to deal with
- Sisters of battle are surprisingly good

Whats next
- Full results later today
- Photos as they come in
- List analysis this tommorrow
- League list Wednessday
- MOAB thoughts and a possible new project in the next 2 weeks.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Planetstrike Army lists 1200 points

Firstly I was thinking about this and came up with a 1200 point list that would get me thrown out of the shop.


Master of the Forge
Scouts -5 man, Bolters
Scouts - 5 Man, Snipers
Drednought - Multi Melta, CCW, Storm Bolter
Drednought - Multi Melta, CCW, Storm Bolter
Drednought - Multi Melta, CCW, Heavy Flamer
Drednought - Plasma Cannon, CCW, Storm Bolter
Drednought - Assault Cannon, CCW, Heavy Flamer
Drednought - Twin Linked Lascannon, Missile Launcher
Drednought - Twin Linked Lascannon, Missile Launcher
Predator - Auto Cannon, Heavy Bolters, Hunter Killer

Now for the real thing
Librarian - Terminator Armour, Storm Shield, Avenger, Vortex of doom
Terminators - 10 Man, 2 Assault Cannons.
Drednought - Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod
Drednought - Multimelta, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod
Scouts - 5 Man, Sniper Rifles, Teleport homer
Predator - Auto Cannon, Heavy Bolters

Scouts infiltrate 18 inches from enemy and scout move 6 inches Librarian and Terminators deep strike on thier beacon. Dreds drop pod in on the same flank with the tanks bringing up the rear and hopefully shielding the scouts. This is a little slow and lacks infantry however I can't bring my self to use assault marines or vanguard at this lower point cost.

Master of the Forge
Tactical Squad - 10 man, Melta Bombs, Flamer, Multi Melta, Rhino
Scouts - 5 man, Melta Bombs, 4 Snipers, Heavy Bolter
Devestators - 10 man, 4 Plasma Cannons, Rhino
Devestators - 10 man, 2 Multi Meltas, 2 Missile Launchers
Terminators - 5 Man, Missile Launcher

The idea is to combat squad out weapons to each rhino, keep the other half of the units in cover, perferably backed up by the MoF and termies. Your also trying to deny the opponenet targets for the initial bombardment.

2000 point ideas might have to wait till tommorrow.

Planetstrike - Testing and list ideas

On Sunday when I was dropping my army off ready for Thursday night league I was lucky enough to fall into a quick game of planet strike against a friends nids. I won the roll and choose to attack.

I didn't have much time so I rushed him with everything I had and after a bloody confrontation he came away with a win. I do like the system and have been itching to try something similar with Appoc for a while.

In my local league week 8 should be planet strike. somewhere between 1200 and 2000 points.
My initial thoughts for marines

- Infantry seems like a good option for marines. Plenty of attacks, survivable, varietly of weapons.
- should go without saying but prep for close combat.

- You need something that can kill and enemy unit fast and then move onto another. Taking out entire units is you aim.
- You need to go for the wipe out.
- the best tactic to use is the Strong Side. Focus the majority of you forces down one side. Claim part of the opponent terittory and then push forward. Max attacks on mininum number targets. Shoot/attack one unit till it is dead and then move on.

Top Units
- Tactical Marines - Shots, cheap special weapons. Use close combat builds.
- Assault Marines - As much as I hate them they do have a place here as a fast CC unit.
- Van Guard - Another unit I thought I'd never use. Due to the planet strike reserve roles this is now very viable.
- Scouts - Getting a homer on the board before turn 1 is vital for the deep strikes
- Scout Bikes - a beacon is even better. ensure heroic intervention
- Drop Pods - Great choice. expecialy with homers. Pack with marines, stern guard or dreds
- Terminators - Deep strike, shoot. Then move, shoot, assault, repeat. In close quarters this can get nasty really fast.

- The objective should be keep units alive. Land raiders, rhinos, razor backs. Make it so the enemy is going to come at you with templates. He is trying to wipe you out. All you need to do is survive and you win.

- Tech marine with servitors (130 points for a tech marine, bolter defences and 2 plasma cannons/multi melta's)
- Tactical Marines, Devestators and Sternguard in rhinos, cover or buildings.
- terminators - These are your wall. use them to bog the enemy down.
- Land Raider - A mobile bunker. Redeamer would be great for this keep opposing infantry away while protecting your own.

Lists as soon as I can flesh out some ideas

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

My thoughts on the state of play

In preperation for the tournament next week I've been flicking throught the various codexes and unit descriptions on GW website along with trying to play against armies that I don't see often. Anyway here is a bottom to top run downs of what I feel the threats are.
15. Necrons - Phase out wrecks what should be a great army. The night bringer and monolith are scary but in general I should have enough fire power to get the phase win.

14/13. Blood Angels/Dark Angles - Both are significantly worse than regular marines. although they benefit from the use of assault marines and terminators, respectively as troops, the regular marine player ge
ts most of the same options significantly cheaper.

12. Deamon Hunters - A small number of elite heavy infantry. Most armies can take the equivilent in units plus extras. A great idea for an army ruined by an outdated Codex

11. Tau - I like tau. They were my third choice of army when I first started. What ruins them is over specialisation and a lack of speed.

10. Dark Eldar - I have played only a couple of games against dark eldar. Both resulting in clear wins for my marines. This may have been a lack of skill from my oponents but i never felt threatend by t
hem. The only reason they rank so high is because other players have told me about thier Potiential

9. Marines - I'm a little surprise my army of choice is so low. They have good cheap units, plenty of toys and special characters, can be adapted to almost any play style. Firstly every one expects any tournament to be at least 50% marines and packs marine killers. They also lack close combat effectiveness.

7/8. Sisters of battle, Black Templars - I've played against both recently and was surprised. What makes the Sisters better is Faith points. Most annoyingly the ability to turn a units armour save into an Invul save. The black templars Zeal rule can cause major problems for the unsuspecting
marine player. Along with 5 man terminator squads with 2 assault cannons.

6. Nids - So many nice toys. Hordes of gene stealers, Fex's of doom, lictors. scary stuff, stay as far away as possible unless you are sure you can kill the entire unit.

5. Eldar - The fastest and most specialised army. falcons for tank shocking, jet bike swarms, Avatars, wriath lords. Eldar win through speed, overwelming fire power and enough toys to cover any situation.

2/3/4/- Chaos/Chaod Deamons/ Imperial Guard - These 3 are hard to split. Chaos has better toys than marines but pays for them. The edge out the above due to Plauge Marines, Lash Princes and general bad assery. Guard has the new toys to bring down just about anything. I am planning an article soon so you may have to wait a little while to see my thoughts on them

1. Orks - As much as it pains me to say it Orks are the scariest thing on the board. They make me wish I kept the orks from the 5 black reaches I bought. This is currently looking like my third army once guard are done. Never underestimate them. Whether it be Mech orks, green tide, Nob bikers or any combination.


Project Up Date
- Deadline for the Titan. 5th September. I'm going to be busy. I did however score a box of old lego when my parents sold their house so hopefully I can had more articulation than previously thought.

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Project - 634th Cadian Regiment + early Appoc

As my LOT project draws to a close the only events my marines will be in are the local league and end of league Appoc I thought it might be a good time to start messing with my cadians.

so far I have 36 Lasgunners and 4 grenade launcher guys under coated, one command squad on sprue. As this is just going to be a fun army the next step is to get the army box. After this the army will stand at

1 Company Comand squad w/ master of the ordnance

6 Veteran squads - 3 with a heavy weapons

1 Storm trooper Squad (using regular cadians modded)

1 Sentinel.

This is about as much infantry as I want till I can be bothered to buy a second army box and build an infantry platoon.
Next step will be tanks and artillery to give my appoc army some punch. Then transports, second army box and Valks.

Warhound assembly and Appoc unit painting has now taken the fore front. of my spare time. I have done some work on my Masters of the chapter but the warhound is still sitting on my work bench.

Appoc will feature a king of the hill match.

One central objective held by our resident tread head with 4 teams of 2 trying to take it while making sure the oposition doesn't get there.

Jamming beacons ussually feature heavily so deap striking is out. although I generally choose this asset I'm going to have to go for Schedualled bombardment at this stage. points haven't been set but I expect 2,500-3000

As for the list heres a rough idea, I need speed, anti tank and range.

Captain - Terminator, Lightning Claw, Chain Fist
5 - terminators, 2 chain Fists, Missile Launcher
Land Raider

7 Drednoughts
2 x Standard
1 x Salamander (Multimelta, heavy Flamer)
1 x Vengence (Plasma Cannon, CCW, Storm bolter)
1 x Ork Slayer (Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer)
2 x Tank Sniper (twin linked Lascannon, Missile Launcher)

2 x Vindicators

Warhound Titan - PLasma blast gun, Double barrelled turbo laser destructor

This brings me to 2,500.

for 3000 I'll probably add a redeamer w/multi melta & hunter killer, 5 terminators w/2 x Chainfist and missile Launcher

After once running an all infantry 3000 point list(Battle company + 30 stern guard and an extra Dev squad) I can say its better to have a few big units than lots of little ones. All though the mass horde can be fun it takes a long time to have your turn and as about 146 infantry firing 200 or so shots a turn can get rather tidious for the other players.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Project Update

Lords of Terra army is finished. Hope to get photos over the weekend. Its not done great but it is done and I'm out of time. Hoping for a 3-4 out of 5.

So far its 1 from 1 with a trial game thursday against Sisters of Battle.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

League Round 5 Result

This week was a test for Lords of Terra. I was playing my tournament list against a friends Black Templar list for the same event.

Mine has been posted several times, his was 3 x 5 man terminator squads, each with 2 assault cannons, and 3 marine squads with neophytes armed with shot guns and a melta gun in each. A marshal, castellan and emporers champion.

All foot slogging at me.

We rolled for mission and deployment, Dawn of War with 4 objectives. I won the roll and let him go first, He deployed two marine squads near objectives in his left corner. I elected to keep everything in reserve.

Turn 1

The rest of his army moved on, one troop moved towards an objective, one moved away from the front lines back to create a strong point in his back left corner.

My drop pod came in and scattered onto one objective between 2 of his marine squads Vindicators up the middile, Whirlmind and rhinos to thier right, 3 combat squads of 4 marines and a multi melta charged for objectives

The the librarian and 5 stern Guard, one with a melta gun fired in to one troop and cause massive losses thanks to the librarians Avenger. the other squad with the heavy flamer also caused several kills.

The marine squad with the champoint fail moral and run towards the board edge, the other passes and charges towards the sternguard.

0 Vs 0

Turn 2

His champions marine squad could not reroup and ran off the board. the castelans marine squad and a terminator squad charged the sternguard and librarian wiping them out. his other 2 terminator squads charge forward while a marine squad makes for the central objective.

My marines move towards the objectives on my left and right corners. the vindicators fire on the terminators and inflict a few causulties, the wirlwind fires indirectly at a remaining enemy troop choice. The dreds also open up on the terminators.

1 Vs 1

Turn 3

his marines consolidate his two objectives, the terminator charged forward. The assault cannons take the cannon off one of my vindicators and take out 3 of the 5 marines on the objective in my right hand corner.

On the left flank my squad moves into secure the objective. A rhino charges down the right flank, 2 others charge the middle. whirlwind misses its shot. vindicators, dreds open up and take out a terminator squad out.

2 VS 2

Turn 4

The terminators charge my lines, his marines move into better positions on the objectives.

My scouts out flank on the right near the objective in his corner where the drop pod landed. The Rhino moves up to support them. The wounded vinicator tank shocks the terminators and is imobalised. The second squas is taken to 2 men. the vinidicator opens upon the marines holding the central objective but scatters.

2 VS 2

Turn 5.

His marines wipe one of my squads off an objective. My wounded vindicator is taken out. along with a drednought.

I manage to wipe his troops the objective in his right corner and move towards it. 1 rhino moves back to retake the objcetive in my right corner. Another moves in for the central objective and rapid fires the squad. After a mess of fire they are down to 1 marine that passes his moral check.

1 Vs 1

Turn 6
He quickly wipes my marines off the central objective with a terminator squad. I return fire and wipe his 1 marine off the same.

Exocists 1 Vs Black Templars 0

We rell for turn 7 and the game ends. after all that
His remaining units
Terminator squad

4 x 5 man combat squads of marines
scout squad
1 dred
1 whirlwind
1 vindicator

He managed to create a strong point holding 2 of the 4 objectives early on with good cover that prevented me for shooting as much as I'd like. I had to shoot what was available and not as able to focus fire. If anything moved close his terminators could assault it and wipe it out.

My mobility and range gave me an edge that allowed my to kill all his troops. Even though the sternguard and librarian only took out 300 points of units due to a failed moral check they are still worth the 435 points because it tied my oponent up for a turn and allowed me to get into position and controll the game.

I probably should have deployed a tatical squad in the deployment and moved thier rhino on by itself later in the game.

Things I liked
- Whirlwind. Even when I think it will be useless it still helps. str 5, Ap 4, 48" indirect.
- Black templar terminators with 2 assault cannons.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

League Round 5 and Tournament army update

A last minute change means I'll be playing my tournament army against Black Templars on thursday for a change. Should be interesting since I have no close combat units.

As for the status

Librarian, Scouts, Marines - Done
Sterngaurd - 2 need to be finished. all need a final wash

3 rhinos need their pintol storm bolters finished

2 vindicators have had a base and 1 top coat. Need details and finish
Whirlwind needs a bit of work, top coat.

2 dreds need some touch ups and details

Drop pod is started, outside nearly done, in side has had a base coat.

Monday, July 13, 2009

League Round 5 Army List

For this week I decided to try out a component of my army list. Being a local league it is also important not to create a list that is to harsh to the newer players. So I took my Lords of Terra list and dropped the 2 vindicators, one of the dreds and the scout squad. So here is whats left at 1200 points


Librarian - Avenger, Gate of Infinity - 100


Tactical Squad -10 man - Sgt w/ bolt pistol, Chainsword, Melta gun, Multi Melta - 175 points
Transport - Rhino - 35 points

Tactical Squad -10 man - Sgt w/ bolt pistol, Chainsword, Melta gun, Multi Melta - 175 points
Transport - Rhino - 35 points

Tactical Squad -10 man -Sgt w/ bolt pistol, Chainsword, Plasma gun, Multi Melta - 180 points
Transport - Rhino - 35 points


Dreadnought - Twin Linked Lascannon, Missile Launcher - 145 Points

Stern Guard Veteran Squad - 10 Man - Sgt w/ Power fist, 2 veteran w/ Combi-Melta, Melta Gun, Heavy Flamer - 300 Points
Transport - Drop Pod - 35 Points

Heavy Support

Whirlwind - 85 Points

1200 Points Total.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Lords of Terra - 1750 Point Tournament

Since my list needs to be in by wednessday thought I'd throw it up. Its completely untested although elements have been. First a little back ground

Lords of Terra is run annually in North Sydney, NSW, Australia and is considered the biggest event of the year in the state. It consists of 2 tournaments run at the same time. High Lords
for the top 10% of players in Australia and New Zealand and Aspirants, which is where I'll be slumming it, for anyone else. Its run July 25-26, 5 rounds

Scoring 50% Battle, 20% Composition, 15% Painting, 15% Sportsmanship.

What I expect - 50% Marines or MEQ, 20% Orks, the rest is hard to gauge.

The List

Librarian - Avenger, Gate of Infinity. Drop pods with Ster Guard turn 1 for a flame attack, waiting confirmation on if I can gate out of combat.

Tactical Squad - Melta Gun, Multi Melta, Rhino
Tactical Squad - Melta Gun, Multi Melta, Rhino
Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Multi Melta, Rhino

- I feel a little naked with only 30 marines and no power fists. But I'm hoping to avoid close combat. AP 1 weapons are incedible in 5th edition. Wreck on 4, 3 for open topped.

Scouts - 5 Sniper rifles.
- Origonally I had a sgt with power fist and shotgun with 4 ccw/bolt pistol scouts. The power fist seems unnessesary. I dont want them in close combat with infantry and krak grenades will take out most rear armour the fist would take care of. Sniper Rifles give range, I was thinking bolters, but even then I dont expect the scouts to kill anything. Keep them in reserve, outflank an objective or krak grenade a vehicle then settle in and take a few pot shots.

2 x Drednought- Twin-Linked Lascannon, Missile launcher. - I call these my tank snipers. they seem farily obvious, wail on big targets from long range. Go for dreds and monstorous creatures, followed by transports and anti armour vehicles.

Stern Guard - Power fist, Heavy flamer, Melta gun, 2 x combi melta, Drop Pod. - Most people say you need 10 bolt shots from stern guard. I feel different. The heavy flamer can take out a troops choice and is deadly mixxed with avenger. The melta gun is assault and ap1 and hopefully can drop with in 6 inches. It forces my oponent to divert forces to take out a small unit. Which I can then move 24 inches using gate.

Heavy support - Pie plates
2 x Vindicators - Anti terminator, plauge marine, etc. Still one of the killiest units out there.
1 x Whirlwind - This is an ork, guard and eldar killer. 48 inch range plus indirect fire.

And now a shot of what I'm hoping to paint.

List gets put in tuesday. Any thoughts feel free to comment bellow.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

League - Round 4 Vs Orks -Results

1200 Points
Composition mark 4/5
Battle Points 30/35
Opponent - Orks
- 2 Trucks w/Boys
- 1 Battle Wagon with Nobs and Warboss
- 1 Battle Wagon wist Mega Nobs

My List
Captain - Relic Blade, Plasma Pistol
Tactical Squad - Power weapon, plasma pistol, plasma gun, multi melta
Tactical Squad - Power Fist, plasma gun, multi melta
Tactical Squad - Power Fist, Melta gun, multi melta
Scouts - 5 x Sniper Rifles
Drednought - Twin linked lascannon, missile Launcher

5 Objectives, Standard deployment.

My oponent won the roll and set up his forces. Trucks on one flank, Battle wagons on the other ready to hit me where ever I set up. I combat squaded the Tactical squads. 4 of the 6 objectives where on the left flank so I deployed a blob of units for a strong side.

Multi meltas forward in cover, Dred on top of a building with good line of sight, rhinos a little back, vindicator forward infront of the dred.

Turn 1
- My oponent decided not to risk imobilising his trucks and moved around the terain to my left and moved up the flank. on the right side the battle wagons move forward and towards my left to close in on my right flank. Shooting killed 3 marines who pass thier moral check.

- My turn. The vindicator moves up, everything else stays still. Dred takes out a truck, Vindicator takes out most of the squad that falls out.

Score - Marines 2, Orks 1

Turn 2.
- My opponent continues in a similar move, closing on both my flanks.

- All my units stay still. The dred destroys the second truck and then the Vindicator smashes into the second squad of boys. two of my multi melta squads run towards objectives.

Score - Marines 2, Orks 1

Turn 3
- Again my opponent charges. Mega nobs move on to the objective on the far right near my table edge. The nobs move bellow the terain feature holding the objective near the center of the board.

- My rhinos finaly move, 1 to each of the objectives I dont control. The dred destroys the mega nobs battle wagon forcing them to pileout. The vindicator mops up one of the boys squads, marines move in for the kill.

Score - Marines 3, Orks 2

Turn 4
- The nobs move into terain, now hidden from line of sight. Mega nobs move in on their objective, Remaining boys do the same.

- My scouts finally come on. the appear on the right side and move around the cover to move in close to the Mega nobs objective but remain out of site. Tactical squad with Power weapon/Plasma sgt with the captain make it to the Boy's objective, disembark and mop them up. Dred stuns the battle wagon, Rhino imobilises itself on terain near my fire base, 3rd rhino pulls up 8 inches from the terain with the mega nobs.

Score Marins 4, Orks 1. Another strong win.

Turn 5
- Nobs fire big shooters and kill two of the marines from a multi melta squad making a break for thier objective, Meg nobs shoot and then massacare the scouts, They are now one inch away from the objective on the side facing my edge.

- I throw everything at the mega nobs, rhinos, vindicator moving 12 and firing the storm bolter, dred, tactical squad leaving the rhino to rapid fire. the mega nobs all take 1 wound, 1 of the 5 dies.

Score Marines 4, Orks 1
Game continues

Turn 6
- Mega nobs crush the tactical squad but lose 2 more to the sgt's power fist. Nobs pick off another of the marines moving towards thier objective, 2 remain.

- Focussed fire fails to wound the nobs or mega nobs

Score Marines 4, Orks 1
Game continues

- Orks pass No unit in range of assault with out leaving the remaining objective.

- Mega nobs go down. Finally. Game ends.

Result Marines 4, Orks 1

- My oponent deployed badly and lost the game through not focussing attacks. I was able to overwelm his troops near a cluster of objectives and get the win on turn 4. A 4-0 margin would have been nice but I'll take what I can get. And once again a game is won in the deployment phase.
- The drednought was amazing. Did its job and caused major problems for my opponent.

Exorcists Chapter Fluff.

A little back ground on the chapter

- No founding chapter, Created by an experiment.
- Blood red armour with black trim and backpacks.
- Squad markings on left knee and back pack bridge
- Company marking on right shoulder bellow chapter symbol

According to official sources
Big on Chaplains, Scouts, scout bikes

According to me
Big on Librarians, Tactical Marines, Armour.

When first fighting deamons and then afterwards fighting Orks on Armageddon the importance of massed fire came to the fore front. When the exorcists go to battle they try and ensure they can get as many shots in the air as possible.

Standard tactics involve artillery fire followed by mobile or semi-mobile massed bolter fire with small forces assigned to suicide runs behind enemy lines.

Current Strength
Chapter Master, 10 Honour Guard, Chief Librarian, High Priest

1st Company
Captain, Librarian, Chaplain. All in terminator armour
30 terminators, 10 Assault terminators, 30 Stern Guard, 20 Van Guard, 2 Dreds

2nd Company
As codex

10th Company
Captain, Librarain, Chaplain, 10 Scout Snipers, 10 scout Boltgunners, 5 CC Scouts.

Master of the forge, 2 Vindicators, 1 whirlwind, 1 predator, 2 rhinos, 3 dreds, 1 land speeder, Land Raider, Land Raider Redeemer, Thunder fire Cannon

The good, the bad and the ugly. Also Project status

You will have seen this at other sites but here are my 3 picks for each from the Marine dex. I may cop some flack for a few of these, feel free to comment

The Good

- Tactical Marines - I have, at times, run 60 of these in lists ranging between 1200-2000 points, I usually struggle with putting less that 30 in any list.

- Dreadnoughts - Same with as the Tac's. I have run 6 of these at 1000 points before. Can't get enough of them

- Librarians - Best value for money HQ out there. I've tried pedro, Sicarus, Marneus, Chaplains, Captains and Masters of the Forge, but every time I keep coming back to Librarian with gate and Avenger.

The Bad

- Vanguard - To pricy, one trick units that need to be set up with drop pods or scout bikes so they dont scatter.

- Assault Marines - Unless your against guard, tau, maybe eldar they spend the game avoiding combat.

- Cato Sicarus - Tried to like him, Tried him out in appoc with 60 marines. Over priced, under powered and a waste of points.

The Ugly

- Bikers - Great unit that’s wrecked by the purchase price.

- Telion - Great idea. But scout snipers aren't effective enough to make it worth while. You can almost guarantee 2 hits, 1 wound, which you can allocate and most likely they then get a save.

- Spear of Sicarus - A complete appoc army in a box. With little armour. which saves little to no money depending on where you buy the units, full of assault marines (see above). Maybe if it was cheaper and you could split it with 2-4 friends this would be viable.


Project Status.

I'm having next week of work so I should be able to get some picks up of the army as I progress to tournament ready status. Currently

Librarian - Painted, based, needs touch ups, chapter symbol, varnish

Tactical Squad 1 - Repairs needed, Squad marking, chapter symbol, Sgt needs to be finished, based.

Rhino 1- Finish storm bolter turret

Tactical Squad 2 - Repairs needed, Squad marking, chapter symbol, Sgt needs to be finished

Rhino 2- Finish storm bolter turret

Tactical Squad 3 - Repairs needed, Squad marking, chapter symbol.

Rhino 3- Find doors, turret

Scouts - Painted. Need to base.

Sternguard - Base coat and under coat done on most.

Drop pod - Under coated.

Dreds - touch up the paint, varnish, chapter symbols.

Vindicators - Started painting 1, both need plenty of work

Whirlwind - repaint missile turret, chapter symbols. Varnish.


Side Project - War Hound Titan

- Body finished, Weapons Attached, Needs legs, cowling. (Pics soon)

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Now for some crappy pics.

Best I could find on Short Notice, Battle in the Vines, 2009

My guys in red, Trying and failing to melt a Choas land raider

The infamous Whirlwind Tea Cosy, Nice idea, badly executed, since abandonned

5 devestators and 2 10 man tac squads set up within firing range of an objective.

League List for 9 July 2009

Prepping for week 4 of my local league. 1200 points

Results so far -

Week 1 Vs Blood Angels.
- 3 Objectives, Spear Head Deployment - Close Win (2 objectives Controlled, 1 contested)

Week 2 Vs Sisters of Battle
- Big loss (Wiped out)

Week 3 Vs Guard
- Dawn of War, 4 objectives - Big Win (4 Objectives Controlled)
My army - Captain, 60 Marines.

Now for this week.

Army List 1200 Points (Marine Codex)

Captain - Relic Blade, Plasma Pistol


Tactical Squad - Power Fist, Melta Gun, Multi Melta
Tactical Squad - Power Fist, Plasma Gun, Multi Melta
Tactical Squad - Power Weapon, Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Multi Melta

Scouts - 5 x Sniper Rifles


Drednought - Twin linked Las Cannon, Missile Launcher

Heavy Support


Results to come Friday.

First Post, An Introduction

Hi All, Welcome to my blog.

Never blogged before so this will be an experience. I have only been playing 40K for about 9 months, maybe a year. Like a lot of noobs I was sucked in by Dawn of War and the Black Reach starter set and set about making up some marines.

Origonally I liked the aggressive nature of Blood Angels, Bought some Tac Marines, Assault marines, Assault Termies and black reach. Then 2 things happened. I found I liked shooting. Alot. Second the new marine codex came out. So the BA's quickly became the Exorcists Chapter.

I've played in 2 tounaments, Gosford Shield and Battle in the Vines, I'm prepping for Lords of Terra Aspirants tournament at the end of the month. I also play in the local league in Gosford, NSW, Australia and the occasional inter club tournament. Currently ranked 266 in Australia.

When I started I went a little over board with the collecting, impulse buying etc. At pressent the collection stands about 11,000 points most of which isn't painted, None of which I'm happy to say is finished. Hope to get some pics up soon.

Current Projects
- LOT Aspirants army. finish 1 librarian, 30 marines, 5 scouts, 10 stern guard, 3 rhinos, 2 vindicators, 1 whirlwind, 2 dreds and a drop pod. 1750 Points. Details to follow. Unless I change my mind again.

Feel free to comment let me know what you think. I'll be posting my noobish impressions and expieriences from now till I lose interest.