Thursday, April 17, 2014

New Blog

New blog for my painting. Check it out, send me some comments

Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday - Quick painting tips

Some wisdom that has been bestowed on me

1. Big brush, little paint. - Use the biggest brush you can with as little paint as possible. This gives you clean lines and shadows

2. Washes fix everything - Use washes. Brown for most things, black for whites and bright colours, typhus corrosion (with lots of water) for tanks, oxide (With lots of water) for metals

3. Its not a mistake its a feature. -  Occasionally you will find a rough spot where some glue has settled, maybe a dint or a small gap. You can use some liquid green stuff or regular green stuff to hide it or you can make it a feature. darkbrown+Orange dry brushed gives a great corrosion effect.

4. Always do a test model. - This is something I occasionally ignore. But do one, write down what you do, as you do it and put the piece of paper in your paint box or army case. That way you can add new models later with the exact same method.

5. Layer for light colors - White spray has its draw backs, it is very unforgiving. Any slight gap is blaring white instead of a subtle dark shadow. If I'm painting a light colour I use the following - Dark Brown GW base colour, lighter brown colour with bigger brush, bleached bone with a bigger bush, final colour biggest brush that is practical.
6. dry assemble and magnetise - People hate to pull models apart to change them . Magnetising options where you can is going to give you a more flexible army list.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Last nights game

THis is as best as I can remember it.
I got First turn, Night fighting turn one. 

I started everything on the board, Noxus deepstriked his vespids

Turn 1
Wolves - Not much happened, everything charged forward except the whirlwind, stalker and scouts

Tau - Steal suits jumped forward and took out a vindicator for first blood a few other guys died but nothing major

Turn 2
Wolves - Razor backs take out the missile broadsides, insta gibs with las cannons, whirlwind and vindicator drop some pie plates. Stealth suits get assaulted and wiped by the fire hawks, sky claws fluff thier charge range and get stuck in the open.

Tau - 1 squad of Vespids come in, fluff their to wound rolls, kill a couple of sky claws. sky claws and assault marines take most of the damage both squads only have a few models left. 

Turn 3
Wolves - Assault Marines and chapter master move in on some path finders and fire warriors, Wolf Lord charges a riptide and losses his squad in the process. pie plates are still going off,
Vespids get shot to pieces by the grey hunters.Assault marines charge both the fire warriors and path finders, win the combat, run down the fire warriors, path finders run into the open. Wolf lord draws combat with the rip tide. 

Tau - Pathfinders fail to regroup, and are stuck in the open, 1 riptide in combat, second squad of vespids mishaps and get placed out of the way in the back corner. Crisis suit and the vespids do a little damage, second vindicator goes down. grey hunters fail moral and run out of charge range from the vespids, Assault marines are wiped and only the chapter master remains. wolf lord Lord and riptide both take wounds are are down to 1 wound each.

Turn 4
Wolves - Land speeders pop forward to use thier heavy flamers. path finders and fire warriors die. Chapter master charges the other riptide. 1 Riptide dies in combat. wolf lord is in the open. 

Tau - Vespids charge shoot and then charge the wolf lord who is on one wound. They get wiped. wolf lord consolidates forward, Chapter master is killed by the other riptide. Crisis suit punches some tanks to death. both land speeders die. 

Turn 5
Wolves - Wolf Lord charges the Etherial and kills him in a challange. his honor guard pass leadership and hang around. Crisis suit dies to bolt guns. 

Tau - Honour gaurd die to the wolf lord, wolf lord consolidates with in 6 inches of the broadside and riptide. One squad of grey hunters gets killed and knocked of an objective. 

Game ends. I have one objective

What was good in the wolf list
2 Characters with 2+3+ and eternal Warrior. 
3 pie plates + orbital bombardment, 
3 twin linked las cannons to instagib things.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

BAV Army Pre Test Army List

BAV is a tournament coming up in the Hunter Valley in NSW on the first weekend in May.
For this they trailing a comp system which has been developed by a bunch of highly competitive players in Victoria, the system is points based, everyone starts with 20 points to spend on the composition of their army.

So if you take bikes, flyers, MC's or anything good expect to pay some comp points, sounds reasonable.

How this affects my army
Primary: Space Wolves
Space wolves take a comp hit for Run Priests, Wolf Guard, Wolf Cav, Characters on bikes and Woves, long fangs, more than 3 transports, drop pods, wolf standards or having more than 55 models. This is a 2000 point tournament so that does make tit hard to keep under the point limit.

Without my 2 go to HQ's of Rune priest or wolf lord on a thunder wolf I was a little stuck.
Characters generally also took a hit or were just plain not worth it. Bjorn the fell handed was one idea. Bjorn and his 3 merry dreadnoughts where an Idea I played with, but that would have meant buying 4 dreadnought. Not something that I can justify for 1 tournament

So something fast and assaulty.

Wolf Lord
- Jump Pack for Mobility
- Runic Armor, Storm Shield and Saga of the Bear so he survives the first shot.
- Thunder hammer because I ran out of power fists on the right side

No wolf guard, they cost a point, wolf scouts are pretty rubbish in 6th, I considered dreadnoughts and lone wolves but in the end spent my points else where.

Grey hunters are the only real choice for a low model army, 3 squads + Transports
I have a great deal of success with las cannon razor back recently at gosford shield so 3 of those
2 with melta, 1 with flamer

5 x Grey Hunters, Melta Gun, Razor Back with Twin Linked Lascannon
5 x Grey Hunters, Melta Gun, Razor Back with Twin Linked Lascannon
5 x Grey Hunters, Flamer, Razor Back with Twin Linked Lascannon

Fast Attack
First up I needed something for my wolf lord to run around with.
10 Sky Claws with a Power Fist.

Then I needed some more ranged fire power.

2 x Land Speeder - Heavy Flamers, Typhoon Missiles. I could have gone heavy bolter but I find the flamer more usefull, the ability to pop forward 12 inches and flame some infanty has proven more usefull that a couple of pot shots with a heavy bolter

Heavy Support
No Long Fangs. to much of a comp hit. The second best heavy support is of course the Vindicator.
This is now better in 6th ed with the whole template being full strength against vehicles. And Wolves still have them for cheap.

2 x Vindicator - Siege Shield

The next option is a little controversial. A Whirl Wind. Against space marines they do little to nothing. However against guard, Tau Infantry, Eldar Infantry this is a great little option. Hitting a unit that is out of site behind cover and ignoring cover, ignoring armor and woulding on a 2 is extremely usefull.

1 x Whirl Wind

At this point I needed some AA. Fortifications are out, same with flyers. That Leaves the Hunter, the Stalker or the Hydra.

I toyed with gaurd but they didn't fit so marines it is.

Wolf lord is so nice, might as well do it again.

Chapter Master - Jump Pack, Artificer Armor, Shield Eternal, Thunder Hammer.

This came about later, you'll see why. 5 Scouts - Sniper Rifles Cammo Cloaks

Fast Attack
10 Assault Marines, Power Fist

Heavy Support
Stalker - I'm trying this out for the first time. I find against Armor 12 quad gun style weapons are a little in effective. so go for the one with armor bane.

Chapter Tactics 
This was a conundrum. I looked high and low. I went through the forge world chapter tactics, considered Fire Hawks, considered raven gaurd, white scars and even red hunters.

At the moment its Iron Hands for 6+FNP and It Will not die for my HQ and AA.

Trying this out tonight, Battle report to follow.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Camp Con - The Army

Later this month I'm running a small event for a dozen friends, its 2500 Points, 8 games, 3 days, very laid back. Heavy on the beers and light on competitiveness. 1 Super Heavy, 2 org charts pretty much anything goes

My Army

Khan  - Moondraken

5 Terminators - Cyclone Missile Launcher

2 x 4 Bikes+Attack Bike - 2 Plasma Guns, 1 Multi Melta
1 x 4 Bikes+Attack Bike - 2 Melta Guns, 1 Multi Melta

2 x Storm Talons - Typhoon Missiles

2 x Mortis Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts with Kheres Pattern Assault Cannons and Cyclone Missile Launchers

Predator - Auto Cannon, Lascannon Sponsons

Warhound Titan - Double Barrelled Turbo Laser Destructor, Plasma Blast Cannon

27 Models.

This is designed for quick games. This will either win quickly or completely fall apart.

Khan and the bikes to quickly take out targets

The pred for ranged support against tanks and MC's

Termies to provide some range and protect the dreads and Warhound

Warhound because it was an excuse to finally get one.

Should be fun.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

My Projects - The Whys

At the moment I'm building Iron Hands, White Scars, Salamanders, Crimson Fists, Ultra Marines, Raven Guard, Raptors, Fire Hawks, Blood Angles, Dark Angles, Space Wolves, Death Guard and Cadians 

So why all the armies. 

Space Wolves
The only army I have done consistently well with. This is my favorite army, I love the models, I love the fluff and the play style. Rune Priests and Wolf lords are among the best HQ's in the game, Grey Hunters are excelent troops that can either out shoot or out fight anything except Grey Knights Against Grey Knights your are relying on your heavy support and terminators to do the damage. 

Their Heavy Support has cheap Vindicators and Long Fangs. They are let down a little in 6th Ed with wolf scouts no longer being able to assault from reserve, and Wolf Cav are highly over rated. but they are still a solid army and not something that you see in abundance

What I Run
Rune Priest
Wolf Guard
Lots of Grey Hunters with transport
Long Fangs

Hawk Lords - White Scars/Dark Angels
This is my fast army. This is what I take when I want the games over as quick as possible or when I don't want to carry a heap of modeles. Most people already know that bikes are fantastic in 6th ed. and Khan and the White Scar Chapter Tactics make this army very competitive. 

I run Dark Angels stuff as a bit of fun. Belial, Sammy, Azreal. Its a little bit harder. Your Bike squads are worse and you have worse air support. I'm looking to add to this over time. 

What I Run
3 Squads of Bikes
2 Storm Talons
2 Mortis Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts
+ Filler (Tactical Marines, Vindicator)

Raptors - Ultra Marines/Raptors/Raven Guard
This is an old army that's been moved around dropped, broken, cannibalized, repaired., etc. I paited the army 4 years ago for a 2K tournament. Since then its had a lot of changes. I even ran it as space wolves for a while. d

Contemplating a repaint and selling the worst models. Ultras are in there for the Tactical Spam+Tigerius. Raptors are in there for their special character. Raven Guard because why the hell not. This is my marine horde army lots of bodies, bit of movement but mainly a gun line force

What I Run
Lias Issadon
Chapter Master
20 Stern Guard
30-50 Tactical Marines 
3 Rhinos
Scounts in a Storm
Storm Talon
2 Thunder Fire Cannons

Molten Eagles - Blood Angels/Fire Hawks
This is a fun army. Its fast but should do well in a comp environment. It lacks subtlety its a tidal wave that runs straight at you and hopes for the best. 

What I run
Captain/Chapter Master
Honour Guard
20 Assault Marines 
Death Company
Storm Raven

Imperial Fists/Crimson Fists/Salamanders
This is my latest work in progress. Stern Guard, dreadnought, Tactical Marines in a drop pods backed up by scouts and thunder fire cannons. Still have not started this army yet. Not sure how to paint it.
I already have a Blue/Grey,  red/orange,  Green/brown, purple and gold and white and green armies

Leaves Yellow and black which could work nicely. Need some different should pads than imperial fist so that I can use it for what ever chapter I feel like

Current Models
Stern guard
Tactical Marines
5 Drop Pods
Thunder Fire Cannon

Allies for everyone guard  is great for filling gaps - need more bodies take a Blob, Need more tanks, artillery, air support, then guard has an answer for everything

What I Run
Collossus Mortar

This started as a painting exercise for my first 6th ed tournament. I build an army that managed 6 draws out of 8 games. This is an anti attrition army. I'd like to mix some guard in for the real trench warfare feel.

What I Run
Nurgle Lord
4 x 7 plauge Marines
Forge Fiends
1 Hell Drake

Friday, March 28, 2014

This weekend

Plan for the weekend

1. Organise house  and by extention my war gaming stuff
2. Decide what to keep and what to sell, time for a clean out
3. Paint the Bav Army
4. Finish my chaos army. I only have 7 or so models left to paint. 
5. Take and post photos