Saturday, December 26, 2009

Good Bye 2009 - wrap up, 2010 Predictions and Goals

So ends my first full year of man dollies. At the start of the year I was a scrub getting the encouragement award at the local club with about 4000 points of random marines.

So far this year I Have started Space wolves and Imperial Guard, Both need heaps of work, Renamed my marines as the Red Skulls Chapter, Created the 634th Imperial Guard Company and start Logan Grimnars great Company.

In terms of my progress from noob

1. at the end of 2009 I am Ranked 99 in Australia and New Zealand

2. Played in 4 Local Leagues

3. Played in 5 Tournaments - Gosford Shield, Battle in the Vines, Aspirants - Lords of Terra, Mother of all Battles and Coastal Assault.

4. First Place in the Good Games Gosford Spring League

5. 2nd at Coastal Assault

6. Have had my painting described as now being "doesn't hurt my eyes as much anymore"

7. Gained entry to the High Lords of Terra Invitational

Current Rankings
Overall - 99
Battle - 94
Sports - 147
Composition - 72
Painting - 97

2010 Goals and Predictions

- Finish Space Marines (well try to, there are a crap load) and then Sell If get them done (I want to start them again from scratch)
- Start Blood Angels (Depends on Codex but would be nice)
- Finish and Probably Sell Space Wolves
- Finish and Maybe Sell Imperial Guard
- Start Orks
- Start WHFB Empire Army (Depending on all of the above, the new army book and edition of rules)

- be in the top 100 at the end of the year
- Qualify for High Lords 2011
- Make top 10 in one ranking

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednessday Top 10 - Codex: Space Marine Units

1. Dreadnoughts - I love dreadnoughts, I own 8. I generally prefer them in a tank sniper (Las/missile) or Dakka (2 x twin autocannons) but in the next tourney I will be running them in cheap assault configurations with claws and multi meltas. What ever your need there is a dreadnought for it from Anti armour, MC, infantry its all there at a really low price.

2. Predators - another cheap source of heavy fire power. 95 points for 10 shots at BS4 with average ST 5.

3. Thunder Fire Cannon - I know People disagree with me on this one. I love them. Due to the different Ammo and long range it is never a useless unit. Air burst is the bane of gaunts and Orks, Standard rips marines to shreds, tremor is great for bikers, vehicle squads and jump infantry, Remember it only needs to hit.

4. Stern Guard - I am currently running a drop pod assault group of these (10 man, Power Fist, Melta gun, 2 x combi Melta, Heavy Flamer) that works well for me. I am hoping to get a second fluffier squad together with Power Fist, 2 x heavy bolters, 3 x combi plasma as a defensive unit.

5. Master of the Forge - Great idea. Tech Marine HQ. 6 dreads, conversion beamer, awesome

6. Scouts - Cheap, nasty, sneaky, 100 point infiltrating power fist, 85 point hell fire shell.

7. Libarian - Cheap HQ, powerful, my HQ of choice. Give terminator armor and a storm shield for bigger games.

8. Vindicator - A Demolisher. 50 points cheaper than guard get it. Str10 AP 2 Large Blast. Simply amazing if left to run free

9. Devestators - I love devestators. 5 man squads in games of 1250 or under, 10 man squads in 1750 or higher. 4 heavy weapons, a signum(DON"T FORGET THE SIGNUM), 6 bullet catchers

10. Tactical Marines - I cannon express the awesomeness of well used tactical marines in writing. It is something that needs to be experienced. 40-60 marines working together can take down just about any army.

Monday, December 21, 2009

2010 Tournament Schedual

Here is a quick rundown of Tournaments coming up in NSW in 2010 that I'm hoping to attend.

Gosford Shield - Gosford - 1250 Points, 1 Day
Army - Marines, List posted

Battle in The Vines - Hunter Valley - 2000 Points, 2 Days
Army - Marines
For this I will be taking my new fun army. 101 Marines. Final List soon

High Lords of Tera - Sydney - 1750 Points, 2 Days
Army - Still Deciding, Waiting for the BA dex to come out.

Mother of All Battles - Sutherland - 1250 Points, 3 Days
Late 2010
No idea. To far away

Friday, December 18, 2009

Gosford Shield Army List - 1250 Points

The 2010 Gosford Shield is fast approaching. Origonally I wanted to take Guard, But they need a lot of work and I can't bring my self to take an unpainted army to a tournament, Same with Space Wolves. I would take Blood Angels but I just can't bring my self to use that Codex over the marine one and the models aren't painted. So Marines it is, Unless I get a crap ton of painting done over Christmas.

Red Skulls Chapter - Light Infantry Force

Librarian - Gate of Infinity, Avenger

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Heavy Bolter

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Heavy Bolter

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Missile Launcher

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Missile Launcher

Dreadnought - Multimelta, DCCW, Storm Bolter

Dreadnought - Multimelta, DCCW, Heavy Flamer

Predator - Auto Cannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Storm Bolter

Whirl Wind

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednessday Top 10 - Top Tips

After the weekend I thought I'd share a couple of tricks I've picked up over the last year. Little bits of wisdom imparted on me by players with much more experience.

1. Know your list - Know every unit. know why you have them in the army even if its just to fill up space. Know what they do, What equipement do they have? Krak grenades? Pistols? Signum? what do they do. What special rules do your units have? scout? Combat Tactics? What do those mean. Find out. Mark the pages with post it notes.

2. Go to Ground - 6+ invul is better than insta gib. I very rarely see people use this rule. Look it up, use it. It is a game winner.

3. Take the Time to Understand your Opponents List - Work out what will hurt you (cover being ignored, AP 3 weapons, Close Combat) check you opponents list for these things, ask your opponent about them, most will be more than happy to explain what units do or at least tell you the stats. Get your opponent to identify the models that will cause you grief. If you feel particularly sneaky you can use this to pull a bluff and ask about a bunch of stuff that you don't care about to shift your opponents focus away from what you are trying to take out.

4. Never Go First - There is very little benefit in going first. In some cases (Dawn of War, deep strike armies, Daemons and Drop Pods to be specific, it is actually harmful to go first) The number of games I have seen won or lost by a turn 5-7 rush to contest objectives is staggering. This also allows you to react to your opponents deployment and put them at a disadvantage early on.

5. Take Your Time - Something I struggle with. I often get caught up in the moment and forget things, its easy to do. 1 tip I have heard is write down the number of units you have on your list and then count them before you pass to the next phase. Make sure you know where everything is and that it has some purpose.

6. TANK SHOCK!!!!! - Tank shock is brilliant. Especially tank shocking multiple units or with multiple units. At Battle in the Vines this year I forced an entire jet bike squad with attached HQ off the board with a tank shock from a rhino. At High Lords of Tera this year someone lost Lysander and 10 terminators the same way.

7. Make Sure You Understand the Mission - Take time to read the mission and ask any questions before you start. Discuss it with your opponent, if the missions are available early then take them to your local club and discuss with other players. Know what you are trying to do

8. Set a Goal and stick to it - This will depend on your mission and opponent. A full win is nice but often setting a more realistic goal is better. There are 5 objectives on the board, is it enough to hold 3 and contest the other 2? if so this is much easier than taking all 5.

9. Know the board - If possible talk to your opponent a move the terrain in a way that makes you both happy. Agree on cover values, terrain types, How many inches to move up levels etc, before you start. If you can't agree roll a die to decide it. 4+ thats impassable, other wise its just dangerous etc.

10. Do ONE Thing and do it Well - Focus your army. Pick one thing, Assault, Massed Bolter fire, Templates, CC Attack count, it doesn't matter. Pick something and then maximize it to the point were you do it better than the other guy. This is the best advice I have ever received. Although some may not agree, it has served me very well.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Very Ealy Thoughts on Lords of Terra (JULY)

After the weekends result I started to think what should I take now that I made the invitational. This will change, repeatedly, for the next 7 months but if I was playing it next week this is what I'd take
1750 Points - Red Skulls - Armored Spear Head

Librarian - Terminator Armour, Storm Shield, Avenger, Null Zone

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Missile Launcher

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Missile Launcher

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Missile Launcher

5 Assault Terminators - Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields
Land Raider

Dreadnought - Multi Melta, CCW, Storm Bolter

Dreadnought - Plasma Cannon, CCW, Storm Bolter

Heavy Support


Predator - Auto Cannon, 2 x Heavy Bolters, Storm Bolter

Let me know what you think.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Coastal Assault Result - 2nd Place

Coastal Assault has been played.

The Army

The Results
Comp 6/10
Paint 5/15
Round 1 - Vs Daemons - 3+ Win
Round 2 - Vs Dark Eldar - 3+ Win
Round 3 - Vs Guard - 2 point Win
Round 4 - Vs Orks - 2 Point Loss

2nd Place
Space Wolf Army Box
Entry to the High Lords of Tera Invitational in Sydney, Australia

Me with prize

Friday, December 11, 2009

Wednessday Top 10 -- Ten units that give me grief

Top ten is a little late this week. but here it is the ten units that have caused me the most problems over the last year

1. Terminators - Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield
Amazing, Unstoppable and deadly.

2. Nob Bikers
With a painboy, warboss, and 9 other guys that are all different
4+ Armour, 4+ invul, FNP, 2 Wounds. seriously guys, come on..

3. Hive Tyrant w/Tyrant Guard
Another unstoppable CC monster.

4. Wave Serpent
This may seem a little odd at first. Until your opponent maxes out on them and starts to tank shock you.

5. Plague Marines
Nasty unit. Multiple plasma weapons and FNP on troops that can be run in large numbers.

6. Colossus Siege Mortar
Str 6, AP3, Ignores cover. No troop choice is safe. Will be making one asap.

7. Black Templar Terminators
It may sound simple but 2 assault cannons in 5 man squads x 3 is a really nasty choice.

8. Monolith
When it works, it is amazing.

9. Tau Broad Side
Rail guns are the bane of my armour

10. Drop Pods
I love them and hate them.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Quick Gaurd Update - no pics yet.

After spending a day of putting guards men together and changing a few things around to optomize the models I have I now have

Command Squad - Plasma Pistol, Medic, Plasma Gunner, Banner, Vox
Commisar Lord - Power Fist, Plasma Pistol

5 x Ratlings
10 x Storm Troopers - 2 x Plasma Guns, Power weapon

Infantry Platoon
- Command - Power Weapon, 2 x Flamers, 2 Grenade Launchers
- 3 x Infantry Squad w/ Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter
- 2 x Infantry Squad w/ Grenade Launcher, Auto Cannon
- Heavy Weapons Team - 2 Las Cannons, 1 Missile Launcher
- Heavy Weapons Team - 3 x Missile Launchers
- Heavy Weapons Team - 3 x Mortars

Veteran Squad - 3 x Snipers, 1 Auto Cannon
Veteran Squad - Sgt w/Power Fist and Shotgun, 2 x Melta Guns, Heavy Flamer, Demolition Charge, 5 shot gun Veterans

Chimera - Heavy Flamer, Multi Laser

Fast Attack
Armored Sentinel Squad - 2 x Plasma Cannons, 1 x Multi Laser

Heavy Support
Leman Rus Battle Tank
Leman Rus Demolisher
Colossus Siege Mortar

Hoping to top this off with another Chimera and a Bane wolf, And then 3 scout sentinels.

After spending some quality time really getting to know the Imperial Guard Codex I noticed a few stand out items Stay tuned for my IG Wednesday top 10 this week.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Wednessday Top 10 - First Edition - 10 things I want out of the Blood Angels Release

1. Cheaper Units
When I first started 40K just over a year ago I was intrigued by the Sons of Sanguinius and proceeded to paint all my freshly bought marines blood red, quickly ordering death company and Chaplain Lemartes. Then the 5th ed Space Marine dex was released. I fell in love, forgot all about my BA's and embraced the new dex in full force.

250 points for 10 assault marines is just to much make them better or drop the cost. Same goes for tactical squads. compared to the Marine dex they are just too expensive and this is my major problem with the BA dex, you spend so many points on troops its hard to cram in support. This would be fine if the troops were superior but the advantage of taking assault marines as troops does not make up for this.

2. Plastic, Plastic, Plastic
Although people will disagree with me I always prefer plastic models. They are easier to customize, reuse parts, repair, I could make an entire article out of this.
Specifically I want to see the Furioso and Baal Predator. Make them plastic, drop the cost.

3. Beefed up Assault Squads
Blood Angels are the masters of assault. their Assault Marines are troops, but they cost more that 20% more than marine ones, ok fair enough they're troops, But how are they better? What reason apart from fluff do you have to take them over Tactical Marines? in Codex Space Marines Tactical Marines are never a useless unit, Bolters, Krak Grenades, free heavy and special weapons they have an answer for everything. Assault Marines however lack the same versatility.

Give them special weapons, give them more options. Even the option to take bolt guns or something. Show the players what makes the blood Angels assault marines so much better.

4. More Fluff
The 4th ed codex that you can download is almost a fluff black hole. Who are these characters, why should I care about them? Do I have take the book over to the computer and look them up on lexicanum? Who are the Blood Angels? How are they organised? How do they fight? What makes them stand out more than other codexless chapters like the Salamanders, Imperial Fists, Raven Guard and Iron Hands?

5. Heroic Intervention
There is not a single rule in any dex that screams BA's more. Give this to veterans and while your at it have a long hard think about giving it to the death company and their jump pack chaplains.

6. Better Psychic Powers.
BA's have 3 psychic powers which range from situational to damn near pointless.
I have been hearing whispers of good things in this department

7. Upgrade Sprues
The DA's have them, the BT's have them, and they are fricken awesome. I even see people who don't play those chapters buying them.

8. Bonuses For Playing Like a BA Commander
When I think assault the first thing that comes to mind is Orks, the next Nids, then Daemons, then Korne Berzerkers and so on. BA's don't really have the same weight in assault as other assault armies do. When I play BA's I want to be able to play aggressively, take the fight to the enemy with out getting wiped out.

9. Make the Units Match the Fluff
BA's are a Codex Chapter that are good in assault. Great. But the units are the same as ultra marines, just you get assault marines instead of scouts as troops. Scouts infiltrate, out flank, they cause disruption amongst the enemy, assault marines charge straight in and get slaughtered.

I really think that BA tactical marines need Boltgun, Bolt Pistol AND close combat weapon. I also think that assault marines need a bolt gun option. Or even better, Range 12", assault 2, bolt guns for tactical marines. Or another idea, Give jump pack troops an assault move let them jump in harass the enemy and jump out.

10. A Compelling Reason to Take BA's over Other Space Marines
Give me a reason to play aggressively. Take the ideas of the space wolves and build on them. At the moment either Space Wolves or Black Templars can play aggresive games better than Blood Angels. Even basic marines can take Bike squads as troops.

It may sound simple but Blood Angels need to be able to do something better than the rest.