Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Early Thoughts on Starting ORKS and other armies

If you've been keeping up I currently have
- 10,000+ points of Marines
- 1,500 Points of Guard
I can also field an armie of Blood Angels with 10 Death Company w/ jump packs led by Lemartes.

I'm currently looking to buy some Space Wolves and Orks from my soon to be brother in law next week.

From here I will also most likely expand my marines into Chaos, Dark Angels, Deamon Hunters, Witch Hunters and Black Templars once I can gain a few of their unique units. Leading to having 10 fieldable armies. That should break the monotony.

I have not yet had a chance to look through the spaces wolves Dex but hope to pick is up ASAP.

For Orks I am currently planning out a clan I'll call the Blazing Skulls, also as a nod to my love of comic books.

I like the Blood Axe themes but also like the idea of a clan of sneaky pyromaniac Orks running around.

Boss Snikrot will make an appearance, as will Old Zogwort (Lysander --> Sqig,) 1 War boss on a bike, 5 nob bikers, Maybe some burner boyz. I figure the flamers would compensate for the BS 2

Space Wolves I need the dex and to look though said almost relations old toys. Should be fun, Can't wait to start kit bashing!!!!!!!!

Apart from all this Tau and the Warhammer: Empire armies catch my eye from time to time. oh well I can dream.

Let me know what you think of Blazing Skulls

Monday, September 28, 2009

MOAB List Thoughts, Moving to Costal Assault

So far I'm a little disappointed in my army. Though against the army and the player I faced last week I think i did OK.

I've been kicking around a few ideas. The 2 units I missed were my Stern Guard that I took to lords of Tera (Power fist, 2 x Combi Melta's, Melta gun, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod) and my Captain with a Relic Blade and Storm shield.

So far I have not been thrilled with my scouts, Thunder Fire or Dreadnought with assault cannon and heavy flamer. Its hard sometimes when a unit performs unusually well or unusually badly over a game or games to judge its true effectiveness.

The dread doesn't have the range I need and I would have probably been better off taking one with a pair of twin linked auto cannons. The scouts are a liability in kill point missions and don't have the accuracy to compensate for their small numbers. The thunder fire is hit and miss. A good Marine or Eldar player can avoid it, It should do great things against guard and Orks, it just seems situational and lacking a little in flexibility.

At the Moment, Base on one game, but most likely to change I'll be running
1500 Points
Captain - Relic Blade, Storm Shield
Librarian - Gate Of Infinity, Avenger, Epistolary

Tactical Squad - Power Fist, Melta, Multi Melta
Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter
Tactical Squad - Power Fist, Flamer, Missile Launcher

Dreadnought - Twin Linked Las Cannon
Stern Guard - Power Fist, Heavy Flamer, 2 x Combi Melta, Melta Gun
Drop Pod - Locator Beacon


The idea is to drop the Stern Guard with the Captain, Gate a Tactical Squad to the drop pod with the librarian. Foot slog the other 2 Tac Squad, Las cannon dred for supporting fire.

Friday, September 25, 2009

League Results

Well my fears were realized. at the start of the league the TO decreed
"He who is winning the comp, plays the TO, unless they already have"

This week it was me. I would be playing Damien Carter. Ranked 5th in Australia and New Zealand out of 1200 players for battle points. A player of Nids, Eldar, Choas and able to play and win with just about any army.

Knowing I have a Nid battle first up at MOAB I requested Nids.

We rolled off. Spear head, Kill Points. Oh dear. This was probably the worst outcome for me.

His list
2 Hive Tyrants w/ 2 guards each.
2 Carnifex's
3 Zoanthropes
2 large squads of gaunts
1 squad of gene steelers

I have little close combat apart from my dreads, Oh dear.

My plan was simple, Focus fire on the Tyrants, get rid of synaps, tank shock, shoot, go for moral fails.

My oponnent went first, Nid Rush. I formed up in the back corner hoping to unload enough fire power to slow them down. That was not the case.

Although I did take down both tyrants, it was to little to late.

The rest of the gave revolved around a growing number of combats with marines over run by turn 3.

Loss: 3 kill points to 10
Composition: 7/10
Battle: 0

I was starting to miss my stern guard and Captain w. relic blade and storm shield. I might need to include them in the coastal assault army. Depending on how next weekend goes.

Next week - MOAB list vs Drop Pod, Legion of the Damned Marines
Week After - Guard on Guard Action.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

League List 1250 - Moab Test

Another week, another league game. At MOAB a friend of mine for the Orange War Gaming club Grudged me for MOAB. This means I will be facing Nid Zilla in the first round.

At first I wanted to change my list to give my self a better chance knowing the player and the list would be hard to beat. Ideally I would play something like

Captain - Relic Blade, Storm Shiled
Scouts - 10 man, 9 snipers, heavy bolter
Scouts - 10 man, 9 snipers, heavy bolter
Dreadnought - 2x twin linked Auto Cannons
Sterngaurd - 10 man, Heavy flamer
Thunder Fire Cannon
Predator - Auto Cannon, Heavy Bolters

But the list I have prepared is

Librarian - Bolt Pistol, Force Weapon, Gate of Infinity, Avenger - This is still the biggest bang for buck. The power to incinerate an entire squad and then get the hell out of there. It can force you oponent to divert from the main attack to deal with a small potent force.

Tactical Squad - Sgt w/ Combi Plasma, Plasma Gun, Multi Melta, Drop Pod - This is my distraction, Combo'd with the librarian they should reap some chaos in the enemy lines, The plasma can take out a tank or damage a key squad, If it gets a second turn the multi melta in their ranks should do well

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Multi Melta, Rhino - This is an objective grabber, pure and simple.

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Missile Launcher - Can't argue with a classic. Its a flexible unit mainly for defence.

Scouts - 5 x snipers - This unit has always been hit and miss but overall they make their points back. Either infiltrate and pepper the enemy or out flank and go for a late objective grab or Krak grenade attack on some armor.


Dreadnought - Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer - I call this the Ork Slayer. Time to earn its name, This is the first dread I ever built. Is a plasma cannon better than an assault cannon? Definitely. However I'm hoping it helps against the nids.

Dreadnought - Twin Linked Las Cannon - I took the missiles off to save points. Hope it still works.

Heavy Support

Thunder Fire Cannon - I love this model. I ran it a while back when I first got it and wasn't impressed. I brought it back out for a friendly between leagues and was blown away. The first turn it took out 7 marines. It ripped the enemy infantry to shreds. Turn 3 it landed 15 str 6 hits on a legion of the damned squad killing 4. It will be interesting to see how it does in a tournment.

Vindicator - The best value for money in the codex. It takes out tanks, Bikers and anything else.

Battle report Tommorow

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Project Update

1. My MOAB Army is painted, posted and waiting a test game on Thursday night.

2. Costal Assault Army
Option 1 - MOAB + Captain w/relic blade and storm shield and a Dread.
Option 2 - Librarian, Captain as above, 60 Tac Marines, 2 Drop pods, 2 Rhinos.
The second is more fun, a little crazy but more fun.

3. 634th Cadians - Base coat done.
- Comand Squad
- Commisar lord - kit bashed
- 6 Veteran Squads induding kit bashed gunnery sgt harker
- 2 sentinels
- Chimera
- Demolisher

4. Blood Angels - When painting my assault marines I decided to get out some models I had set aside for Vanguard and paint them up as death company. Then I had a terminator chaplain, Great fig that I never got around to painting, the rest just fell into place. List and pics next month

5. 2. BIV Army - Due Easter 2010

Captain - Assembled, Undercoats done, starting on details. Blood Red, Gold Helmet, Black Back pack gold highlights

60 Tactical Marines - 30 done, 30 kind of done, need some patching and detail, maybe better basing

20 Assault Marines - Under Coated, Blood Red body, Black Jump Pack, Lyander Darksun helmets

20 Devestators - Most done, need some repairs and a few helmets to paint. Regal Blue helmets

Monday, September 21, 2009

MOAB Army With Pics

Here is the army

Librarian - Bolt Pistol, Force Weapon, Avenger, Gate of Infinity

Tactical Squad - Combi-Plasma, Plasma Gun, Multi Melta, Drop Pod
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Multi Melta, Rhino
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Missile Launcher
Scouts - 5 man- all w/ Sniper Rifles
Dreadnought - Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer
Dreadnought - Twin Linked Las Cannon
Heavy Support
Thunder Fire Cannon
If all goes well I'm hoping to just add Captain w/Relic Blade and Storm Shield and a Dreadnought w/ Multi Melta to take this up to 1500 points.

I will probably do a few posts on some of the individual units in the near future.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

The League, New plan

I've been looking into the league, scrapped my origonal plan of building a list and continuing to grow it. Here is the new plan

Week 4 - 1250 Points - Exorcists - MOAB Trial
Week 5 - 1250 Points - - Exorcists - MOAB Trial
Week 6 - 1500 Points - Imperial Guard
Week 7 - 1500 Points - Exorcists - Costal Assualt Trial
Week 8 - 1750 Points - Blood Angels
Week 9 - 2000 Points - BIV Trial
Week 10 - 2000 Points - BIV Trial

Friday, September 18, 2009

Guard Army Ideas for 1500

Well I have grudged long time guard player James form my local store to some guard on guard action when the league hits 1500. He is a veteran guard player who has had little luck against my marines in the past.

I am madly trying to throw everything I have together for this.
So far here is the list

Company Command Squad - Officer w/ Plasma Pistol and Chain Sword, Plasma Gunner, Medic, Regimental Standard, Vox Operator, Master of the Ordnance. - This is a defensive squad, which will try and hold the line, The plasma is there to scare off/minimize assaults. The master of the ordnance, Vox and standard are the key to my defense.

Lord Commissar - Plasma Pistol, Power Fist - This was just something I kit Bashed that looked awesome. After seeing a one in action I new he would be perfect for my advancing squads. I know I broke a cardinal rule by putting a plasma pistol on him but it just looked so good.

Veteran Squad - 3 x Snipers, 1 Auto Cannon - This is a HQ/MC killer. I don't expect it to do much more than fill the line.

2 x Veteran Squad - 3 Grenade Launchers, Las Cannon - This is a tank sniper, Grenade launchers are for defense/anti Horde. These 2 will fill my defensive strong point with the snipers and command Squad.

Veteran Squad - Sgt w/ Power fist and Shot Gun, 3 Grenade Launchers, Missile Launcher, Grenadiers, Demolitions - This squad will foot slog behind the chimera, tank and sentinels. Its a little strange to run the missile but its there for targets of opportunity.

Veteran Squad - Gunnery Sgt Harker, 2 Melta Guns, Heavy Flamer, 4 Shot guns, Heavy Bolter, Demolitions. - This is an objective clearer. Infiltrate, Blow something up, and die horribly or take an enemy objective and settle in.

Veteran Squad - sgt w/ power fist and shot gun, 2 Flamers, Heavy Flamer, 4 shot guns, Mortar, Demolitions, Chimera. - This is an objective clearer, Take an Objective, Settle in, defend. Mortar is there because I had 5 points left.

Fast Attack
2 x Armored Sentinel - Plasma Cannon - I feel this is still the best use of the armored sentinel, mid range infantry support. The template compensates for the BS 3 while making MEQ players wary of venturing into the open.

Heavy Support
Leman Rus Demolisher - Las Cannon - I'm hoping this is a solid defensive unit, Draw fire away from the troops and provide high power short range power.

All up this should be an entertaining game. I am relying on my infantry surviving long enough to reap havoc on my opponent. This is a questionable tactic. Given Time I would have liked another tank, probably a Vanquisher with Pask, 4 more sentinels and a devil dog but it is not to be at this time.

League Gamer Round 3 VS Deamon Hunters

1000 Points
His list

Brother Captain
Retinue of Grey Knight Terminators
1 squads of Grey Knights
1 Squad of Storm Troopers w/ 2 melta guns
Dreadnought w/ heavy bolter
Land Raider Crusader

Mission = 3 objectives
Deployment = Dawn of war
1. I placed the first objective in the center of the board in some ruins
2. My oponent then placed his at a 45 degrees from center and 12" from the central objective. in the open
3. I placed my similarly to form a right angled triangle with both short sides at 45 degrees the in terain

I won the roll and let me opponent deploy, He placed his Captain and retinue near the central objective. He then placed his unit of Storm Troopers on the objective in his half and his grey knights on the left flank.

I deployed My captain with a sgt, plasma gunner and 3 bolt gunners on the left flank 13 inches from his Grey Knights to prevent a first turn charge. I then deployed the rest of that tactical squad (4 bolt guns and a heavy bolter) on the objective in my half.

Turn 1.
I sieze the initiative. Not something I would normally like but I went with it. I deployed my Razor back from the center of the table, The dreadnought to the left of it. I placed a multimelta and 4 bolter gunners in the razor back after forgetting it has no fire points. The sgt, flamer and 3 bolt gunners hid behind the dread.

I then moved the 2 devestator squads on just to the right of the center with a good line of site down through the center objective.

My captains squad move close to the left flank into terain to prevent an easy charge while still getting into rapid fire range.

The captains squad kill 3 Grey Knights, the razorback takes out a storm trooper, as does the heavy bolter squad, the dreadnought runs for the center 1 inch.

Oponents turn 1
My opponent move on his land raider on the left flank, and his dreadnought in the center.
The captain lost 2 of his marines to assault cannon fire. Everything else failed night fighting tests

My Turn 2
I moved my dreadnought, razor back and flamer squad towards the center, I then moved my captains squad towards the Grey Knights.

My devastators opened up on the Brother Captain and his terminators reaping a heavy toll killing the Captain and 3 of the 5 terminators, One plasma cannon overheating and killing its operator in the process. The dreadnought failed to hit the remnants with it multi-melta and it was ruled that the storm bolter did not have LOS.
The razor back and heavy bolter killed another 2 storm troopers.
My captains squad rapid fired and killed another 3 grey nights leaving 5.

Opponent Turn 2
This was payback time. The land raider moved 6 and opened up on the captains squad with a twin linked assault cannon, Multi Melta, 2 hurricane bolters and a storm bolter, killing my 3 bolt gunners. The Grey Knights and storm troopers then killed the Sgt and plasma gunner.

My Turn 3
With my captain in the open I decided to charge the grey nights, my dreadnought, razor back and flamer squad finish the terminators with the flamer squad taking the center objective, The devastators fire on the Dread and only shake it. My heavy bolter squad takes the storm troopers down to 2 men each with melta's

My captain charged the grey nights killing 3 with is relic blade and surviving the return without taking a wound.

Opponent Turn 3
My oponent brings is land raider forward down left flank, His dreadnought charges towards the combat taking place.

My captain slays the remaining 2 grey knights and consolidates towards the Dreadnought.

My Turn 4
I move by razor back in towards the combat taking place near the objective in my opponents half I leave the squad in the transport in case the dread kills my captain. I move my dread towards the combat but am hampered by a run move. My devastators move towards the center looking for better LOS. My heavy bolter squad kills 1 more storm trooper, at this point they fail moral and run.
My Captain assaults the Dreadnought the fail to hurt each other.

Opponents turn 4
My opponent now only having a land raider he fires on my dreadnought landing 2 rending hits on with its assault cannon, only shaking it. The dread and captain fail to hurt each other

My Turn 5
I forget to move my Multmelta squad out of their transport. My dread rolls badly and fails to make it into the combat. My dreadnought misses the land raider with its multi melta. It assaults destroying the land raider. The captain and dreadnought once again fail to hurt each other
the game procedes to turn 6

Turn 6
My dreadnought misses the land raider with its multi melta. It assaults destroying the land raider.
The game goes to turn 7.

Turn 7
More bad rolls, my Dreadnought falls just short of combat, My captain finally succumbs to the claw of my opponents dreadnought.
Rather than move the dreadnought to contest an objective he instead charges my dreadnought with his resulting in his being wrecked and mine exploding. Resulting in a wipe out.
Game over
Composition Score 6/10
Battle Points 30/30
Total 36

Aftermath. This now brings into question the Gumby rule. The highest placed player who has not had a "Gumby" game plays store employee, league runner and one of the top 10 in Australia and New Zealand on Battle points Damien Carter. After my win I will most likely be playing him.

I will be taking my MOAB list for the next 2 weeks so this will be interesting. I have also booked in a 1500 point game with Guard Guru James to test out my Guard army in 3 weeks.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

League List for This week. Scrapped yesterdays already

For the last week I have been watching Band of Bothers on my train rides too and from work and have been resisting the temptation to go back to a marine gun line. Ideally I would have liked guard but unfortunately they are still unassembled.

I started thinking of an infantry gun line and how marines would do this with minimal armor and it seemed perfect for 1000 points

First up I went for a captian, generally in this kind of list I would go for a plasma pistol and power weapon, The next thing was 2 tactical squads. This left me with over 600 points left. My natural choice for a gun line is a devastator squad but after looking at the points I decided on 2 5 man Dev teams with 4 of the cheap weapons (15 pointers) . Basic Armour I went with a dreadnought and a razor back which fitted the theme

All up I still had 85 points left. The temptation with there to go for a predator or whirlmind but I decided to boost my troops instead. Up grading the Captain to a Relic Blade and Storm Shield for a close combat monster, giving a tactical squad a plasma gun and giving the dev squads more better weapons for a more focussed approach in the end I came up with

Captain - Relic Blade, Storm Shield - A close combat Monster, hard to kill and deadly.

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Multi Melta - a nice Close range squad for objective Clearing

Razor Back - I'm finding the twin linked heavy bolters great in lower points. 3 shots, 36" range, ap 4, str 5

Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter - This was inspired by Band Of Brothers, A high powered rifle and machine gun in an infantry squad. Plus at this point level the plasma gun will be taking out light vehicles and infantry

Dreadnought - This is more inspired be "Starship Troopers - The Rough neck Chronicles" I like using my dreads for infantry support.

Heavy Support
Devastator Squad - 5 Man - 2 Missile Launchers, 2 Las Cannons - this is a dedicated anti tank squad. With no meat shields they will be relying on quick kills of enemy armor and distance to stay alive. I'm hoping they draw enough fire to keep my tactical squads alive.

Devastator Squad - 5 Man - 2 Heavy Bolters, 2 Plasma Cannons - This is my anti infantry squad. The marine equivalent of mortars and machine guns. They can even take out light armour if needed.
In general the army is more about attrition warfare, specifically trench warfare. Take out enough of the enemy from range that you can charge over the top and take them out. I'm hoping the devastator squads will be perfect for this. LOS is my only problem, I can't shoot what I can't see.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

League List 1000 Points

This Week I'm After something a little different. I've edited my earlier list

Captain - Thunder Hammer
Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon
Scouts - 4 bolt gunners, 1 Heavy bolter
Dreadnought - Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer
Land Raider

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Marines at 1250 - Oh the cheese.

Here are a few examples I have heard lately when discussing MOAB. Most of which I'd love to try all at 1250.

Techno Bikers
Captain - Bike
Master of the Forge Bike
5 Space marine Bikes - as troops
5 Space Marine Bikes - as troops
6 Dreadnoughts

Upgrade for taste.

This is nasty and fast sure you wont kill everything but bikers and 6 dreads ouch!

Armored Spear Head
Captain w/Lightning Claw
5 Sniper Scouts
10 assault Scouts
5 Assault Terminators - Thunder Hammer, Storm Shield
Land Raider Redeemer
Land Raider

This is an excuse to be a dick. "yes its themed, its a spear head."

Adaptes Machanicum
Master of the Forge - Conversion Beamer

Scouts - 10 man, Camo cloaks, Heavy Bolter
Scouts - 10 man, Camo cloaks, Heavy Bolter
Scouts - 5 man, Camo cloaks

Tech marine - 2 Servitors w/Plasma Cannons
Tech marine - 2 Servitors w/Plasma Cannons
Tech marine - 2 Servitors w/Plasma Cannons

Dreadnought - Twin Linked Las Cannon

All that with out Lysander or Marneus. Let me know if you know any other good ones.

Monday, September 14, 2009

Marines at 1000 Points

With my MOAB army out of rotation so I can baby it and not wreck my hard work another list will be in place this week

I have two options I like at 1000 points
Mech Marines work
Dread army is kind of cool

Mech list looks like

Captain - Thunder Hammer
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Multi Melta
Scouts - sgt w/ power fist, shotgun, 3 scouts w ccw/Bolt pistol, Heavy bolter
Terminators - 5 man
Land Raider

Dread heavy looks like
Master of the Forge - Conversion beamer
Tactical Squad - Power Fist, Flamer, Missile
Tactical Squad - Power Fist, Flamer, Missile
Dreadnought - Plasma Cannon
Dreadnought - 2 x Twin linked Autocannon
Dreadnought - Twin linked Las cannon, Missile Launcher

Any thoughts?

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Exorcists Chapter Fluff Idea

I've had an idea I've been kicking around for a while but never followed through on. In the official exorcist fluff it states that the chapter was created as an experiment to create demon hunters.

So instead of names I'm thinking of giving my marines Experiment numbers with an identifier stating a specific branch of the experimental project such as

Alpha - Combat Troops
Beta - Psychics
Capa - Intellectuals such as Apothecaries and Tech Marines

Then others for different branches
Delta - high Aggression troops
Epsilon - Marksmen
Fox - Commanders and Strategists


So my librarain would be - Beta-247, Captain could be Alpha-165

Good idea? Bad Idea? give me your opinions.

Friday, September 11, 2009

League Round 2 Results VS Guard

2 weeks in and the list has failed. My lack of dedicated tank hunters and high potency light infantry killers resulted in a loss against the imperial gaurd.

His list

Commisar Lord
2 Veteran squads in Chimera's
Leman Rus executioner with Plasma cannon sponsons.
Devil Dog

As someone looking to start guard I always thought the Hell hound variants where underpowered. I was wrong.

I was lucky to come away with a 1-0 loss against this army.

I'm going to take my 4 comp points, throw out the army and start over.

I know I said 2 losses in a row but I got a serious arse kicking.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

New Idea for league list

This is part where I go screw the comp score and science and go for something cool. Due to transport wanting to get stuff painted the scouts and thunder fire are out instead my 350 will be

Tactical Squad - Power Fist, Melta, Multi Melta


Screw the comp score

Spring League, Week 2, List

Here are the rules, I've had them in my head but this is my first post.

As this is a growing league, one that starts at 400 points and works towards 2000 I will be trying to build a list organically. Meaning Once I pick a unit, I can not take it out or down grade it. I may only modify it by adding upgrades of a greater or equal cost.

I will play this list in all except 3 conditions
1. I am practicing for a tournament
2. If the same limit is used 2 weeks in a row I will try to run Guard
3. The organic list becomes unworkable. If I score 2 consecutive losses I can replace 50% of the list.

Here is a recap of the 400 point list from last week.

Librarian - Gate of Infinity, Avenger
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Missile Launcher
Razor Back
Land Speeder Typhoon - heavy bolter

This weeks limit is 750 giving me 350 to work with.

First thing I need is another troop choice. I am tempted to keep this small as I can built on it later, A scout squad wont cut it so its another Tactical Squad (10 Man) for 170
180 left

Next is some hoard killing power. A vindicator is versatile and cheep, but results in a comp hit. A thunder fire is less versatile but cheaper plus its advantages in range make it a better choice at this stage, 100 Points (80 Left)

80 points is hard for marines. In this case I'm going to go for 5 sniper scouts. I'll use the last 5 points to give my new tactical squad a melta gun and multi Melta

The List
Librarian - Gate of Infinity, Avenger

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Missile Launcher
Razor Back
Tactical Squad - Melta, Multi Melta
Scouts - 5 x Snipers

Fast Attack
Land Speeder Typhoon - Heavy Bolter

Heavy Support
Thunder Fire Cannon

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Gaurd army for Debut in a few weeks time

in the local league this season we are starting out small and slowly scaling up the battles. In a few weeks we have the first 2 weeks in a row with the same limit, so its time to break out the gaurd.

Here is what I'm thinking so far

Company Command Squad - Vox, Regimental Standard, 2 x Grenade Launchers, Master of the Ordnance

Storm Troops - 10 man - Plasma Pistol, 2 x Plasma guns

Veteran Squad - 2 x Sniper Rifles, 1 Grenade Launcher, Auto Cannon, Forward Sentries
Veteran Squad - 3 x Grenade Launchers, Las Cannon, Forward Sentries
Veteran Squad - 3 x Grenade Launchers, Las Cannon, Forward Sentries
Veteran Squad - 2 x Melta Guns, Heavy Flamer, Demolitions, Chimera

Fast Attack
Armored Sentinel - Plasma Cannon
Armored Sentinel - Plasma Cannon

Heavy Support
Leman Rus Demolisher - Las Cannon

Hope fully thats enough templates and fire power to do well in the first outing. I would like to swap the storm troopers for 3 scout sentinels w/multi lasers, another armored sentinel and some upgrades for the command squad but you use what you have.

Monday, September 7, 2009

MOAB, Maybe

Mother of all battles (MOAB)is on next month in the deep south of NSW. I'm hoping to get there, just waiting on confirmation that I have a way to get there and somewhere to stay.

If I got I'll be entering the 1250 40K tournament, 11 games over 3 dayas.

Since I'll be playing lots of games and have little to no prep time its going to have to be a solid, well rounded and already painted army.

To That end I decided on the following

Librarian - Gate of infinity, Avenger - Can't pass him up.

Tactical Squad 1 - Plasma Pistol, Plasma Gun, Multi Melta
Drop Pod

Tactical Squad 2 - Melta, Multi Melta

Tactical Squad 3 - Flamer, Missile Launcher

Scouts - 5 men all w/sniper rifles

Dreadnought - Multi Melta, CCW, Heavy Flamer
Dreadnought - Twin Linked Las Cannon, CCW, Storm Bolter

Heavy Support
Thunder Fire Cannon

Let me know what you think. Give me a comp score out of 10.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

League Result, Round 1

2 games of combat patrol, Pick the highest score.

My list for those playing at home

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Missile
Razor Back
Land Speeder Typhoon

Comp score - 2/10

First Battle VS Guard
4 Objectives, Spear Head
Opponents List
Infantry Platoon
- Comand Squad - heavy flamer, Power Weapon
- 3 2 infantry squads with 2 plasma guns each
- Speacial weapons squad with sniper rifles
- Heavy weapons squad with 2 auto cannons and a missile launcher

This we a close battle, My flamers took out the infantry squads, His heavy weapons squad took out my armour. The highlight was my libarian assaulting 3 gaurds men and dieing without causeing a wound.

Result: DRAW 2 VS 2

Second Game VS Space Marines
3 objectives, Pitched Battle
His army
- 2 Scout Squads - 1 with power fist, 1 with heavy bolter
- Bike squad - 2 plasma guns, Heavy bolter attack bike

Another close one. My fire power took out the scouts but I took a few casualties along the way.

WIN 1 VS 0

Points 11.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

New League Round 1, Combat Patrol

Spring has sprung in Australia and this means a new league at my local store. This league is a growing comp. Starting at 400 points and working up to 2000 over 3 months.

Combat patrol is rather restrictive (, Missions will be rolled for as per normal

Any way here is the list I cooked up.

Librarian - Gate of infinity, Avenger - 100 points
Tactical Squad - 10 Man, Flamer, Missile Launcher - 170 points
Razor Back - 40 points
Land speeder - Typhoon Missile Launcher - 90 points

Hopefully thats enough fire power.

As much as possible I will be trying to build each week one the previous list. If we have two weeks in a row at the same value, I'll try and throw in a tournament list or hopefully some guard.