Monday, February 22, 2010

One last thing Before I Go - New Vision on Projects

There was a time when I had nearly 20,000 points of space marines. I have since decided to do a separate army for each dex. Here is where I'm heading with this

1. Codex Space Wolves - Bjorn Stormwolf's Great Company 
- Vindicators, Bikes, Predator, Land Raider, Wolf Gaurd Terminators, Grey Hunters, Drop Pods, dreadnoughts, aggressive applications of short range fire power. Snow bases/theme

2. Codex Space Marines - Aurora Chapter - NEW PROJECT
- Once space wolves are ready for the table I will be taking a selection of units, stripping them and re-painting them
- Librarians, Tech Marines, Terminators, Death Watch, Thunder Fire, Predators, Whirlwind, Rhinos, Razor Backs, Land Raider, Tactical Marines, dreadnougts. Armoured Infantry with heavy armour support, Urban Theme

3. Blood Angels - Red Skulls Chapter
- Assault marines, Tactical Marines, Death Company, CC Terminators, Devestators. - CC Jump Pack Army

4. Chaos Space Marines - Red Skulls, After the Fall to Khorne
- Have models, may need more.
- Daemons, Terminators, Khorne Berzerkers, Havoks, Land Raiders

5. Black Templars
- This is one of the best looking space marine armies out. Now they just need a dex. I have heard wispers of either them getting redone next year. Modding them with shields, swords, tunics.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Going on Holiday

This noob is getting Married. Then I'll be on my honey moon for 2 weeks so no updates for a fortnight.

I am going to leave you with my last attempt at a space wolf list

Space Wolves Armored Spear Head 1750 Points

Wolf Guard Battle Leader - Terminator Armour, Chain Fist, Storm Shield, Saga of the Beast Slayer - 150 Points

3 x Wolf Guard
- 1 x Terminator Armour, Combi Plasma, Chain Fist - 53 Points
- 1 x Terminator Armour, Combi Plasma, Power Fist - 48 Points
- 1 x Terminator Armour, Combi Melta, Power Fist, 48 Points
- Land Raider Crusader - Dedicated Transport - Storm Bolter, Multi Melta - 270 Points

Dreadnought - Twin Linked Auto Cannon, CCW, Heavy Flamer - 125 Points

8 Grey Hunters - Plasma Gun, Wolf Standard - 140 Points
Drop Pod - 35

8 Grey Hunters - Melta Gun, Wolf Standard - 135 Points
Drop Pod - 35 Points

10 x Grey Hunters - 2 x Melta Guns, Wolf Standard, Power Fist - 190 Points

10 x Grey Hunters - 2 x Plasma Guns, Wolf Standard - 170 Points

Vindicator - 115 Points
Vindicator - 115 Points
Predator - Auto Cannon, Las Cannon Sponsons - 120 Points
TOTAL: 1749Points

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Red Skulls Chapter The Finally

The Decision is Made. The Red Skulls are going.

16 Terminators, over 120 Marines (Approx 40 Black Reach, 15 Metal), 10 Scouts, 6 Dreadnoughts (4 Black Reach), 5 Tanks, 3 bikes, 1 Drop Pod, 1 Artillery Piece. The army is fully and consistently painted, Based, Squad Marked. Comes with  magnetic display tray and over 100 magnetized models. It will officially go on sale 15th of April 2010 to finance other projects however I am will to have preliminary discussions with interested parties.

One last blast at Battle in the Vines (April 11) and then they will be sold to buy a fresh space marine army that will better showcase the skills I have developed over the last 18 months. At this point a Brazen Claws army is the fore runner to replace my marines as they suit my mechanized infantry approach and have an interesting color scheme.

Please send any inquiries to, Photos available soon as will a full itemized listing. I am only interested in selling a complete set. Army is currently located in Gosford, New South Wales, Australia.

This army will be listed on several forums closer to the selling date.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Space Wolves for LOT

Here is an idea I am currently comtemplating for LOT.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader/Wolf Lord

3 x Wolf Guard
Land Raider Crusader Transport
2 x Dreadnoughts

10 x Grey Hunters
8 x Grey Hunters
Drop Pod

8 x Grey Hunters
Drop Pod

2 x Vindicator
1 x Predator

Sprinkle with upgrades
This will be cheaper that the marine equivalent. 

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

PROJECT UPDATE - Where am I going from here

I have reached the decision to close off this project later this year. I have a large army but I'm not entirely happy with some of the painting and modeling. Ideally I would like to sell the army and then rebuild a smaller force with more customization and theme to it.

This army includes some of the first models I ever painted and although it has been fun I have learned a lot since I started and would really like to put together a first rate marine army.

Here is a brief list of whats up for grabs. I'm probably looking to sell mid-late this year. Ideally I would like to sell in large batches. E-mail me for detailed list

Marneus Calgar
3 Captains
4 Honour Guard
Command Squad
2 Chaplains
2 Librarians
60 Tactical Marines
20 Devestator Marines
20 Assault Marines
10 Scouts
3 Scout Bikes
10 Stern Guard
15 Terminators
6 Dreadnoughts
2 Vindicators
1 Predator
1 Land Raider
1 Whirl Wind
1 Thunder Fire Cannon w/ Tech Marine
2 Rhinos
1 Drop Pod
All will be painted, squad marked, based and have weapon options.
What I can't sell I'll probably strip and re-use. E-mail me for details if interested

Soon to become my goto army. I am a huge fan of tactical marines. Grey hunters are cheaper, have more attacks, 2 special weapons and have wolf standards. Hoping to get them running for Lords of Terra.

I have finished 1 Wolf Guard. I have a land raider, 50 Grey hunters, 2 dreadnoughts, 1 wolf Guard, 2 drop pods and a Predator nearing completion. I have another 8 wolf guard, a mess of characters, some swift claws and some wolf scouts in the works. I will need some transports to make it work, 2 razorback/rhinos should do it.

I'll probably sell this army as well once its done.
This will work, But I need to spend about $300-$400 on some valks and tanks to get it where I want it.

I have 24 Khorn Berzerkers, some Terminators, Kharne and a daemon prince. I still need some transport, a Blood thirster, some chaos marines or havoks, transports, maybe fire support and maybe some raptors. Probably be my 2011 Army

Blood Angels - I may keep some marines a side ready for this release. I am not a fan of assault marines but I'll see what its like. I'm definitely not selling all my red marines before I see a physical copy of this dex.

Black Templars - I love the look and fell of this army, And they have some great content in their dex such as their Terminators. The conversion options are great. This is something I would love to do and I have started putting models aside for it but at present there are to many other things that require my attention. There is a rumor that Either this army or Dark Angels is coming late 2010 or Early 2011 that would definitely be a deciding factor

Dark Angels - Again I love the modeling and conversion possibilities. However the current des is sub par. If they get a new dex its something I will definitely look at.

Orks - The Blazing Skulls - Sneaky, pyromaniac orks, jungle bases, endless conversion and kit bashing potential. This is an army that I would really love to do. Its now looking like a late 2011, early 2012 project.

Final Notes
I find the most enjoyable aspect of this hobby for me is the assembly and painting. I love sitting down with a codex and planning out an army. So this is what I'm going to keep doing, Buying an army, assemble it, paint it, keep the core army (2000 points max) sell the rest and move onto the next one.

With my marines I know that I can make almost any army I would run with 2 Captains, 1 Librarian, 10 Stern Guard, 2 Dreadnoughts, 40Tactical Marines, 5 scouts, 4 Razor Backs, 2 predators, 1 thunder Fire cannon, 1 drop pod (Suggest a chapter that would fit, really I'm trying to work it out).

So I'd like to find something else to do with the rest. At the moment I'm re tasking but selling is an option aswell. I'm hoping to get to this point with all my armies.

Monday, February 15, 2010

10 Minute Noob Guide to marines

Something different today. This a fast as possible run down of my opinions of the Space Marine Dex. Feel free to ask questions at the end and I will elaborate.

And they shall know no Fear - can regroup when under half strength, Go fearless when being chased down

Combat Tactics - You can choose to fail moral tests - Use it to fall back out of assault range, or to leave combat at the end of your opponents assault phase.

Special Characters - Can work but are often to hard for a noob to come to grips with. Think about them later, they do often define your strategy. If you do want one Pedro is a nice easy intro character

Chapter Master - Bombardment not worth 25 Points. Take a captain.

Honour Gaurd - To expensive to be usefull

Captain - A good bogging unit. Distracts the opponent and gives a little CC Punch

Command Squad - You need the points else where.

Librarian - Best value for money HQ. A little fragile. Avenger and gate are probably the best. Null zone is situational, the rest are pretty crap

Chaplain - Take a captain

Master of the Forge - I want to like it but I don't. 6 dreads are nice, Conversion beamer has never really worked for me, might reserve judgement and try it again

Tactical Squads - Divide the point limit by 500 and round up. That is the MINIMUM number you should take.
Scouts - Point/troop fillers. Unless they are power fist units in storms. then awesome

Rhino - cheap. effective
Razor - Transport of Choice. Need more
Drop Pod - 1 is suicide, but that can be ok. I'm not a fan of the full drop pod army

Terminators - To many other better options

Assault Terminators - Same as above

Stern Guard - Great unit. Drop pods work with them. I run them as suicide distrations

Dreadnought - Under Priced mobile heavy weapons. Take at least 2.

Ven Dread - Over Priced

Iron Clad Dreadnought - there are better uses for the 30 points.

Tech Marine - Could work with Plasma cannon servitors but there are better places to spend the points

Legion of the Damned - Sternguard in a drop pod are better

Assault Squad - Mostly useless. I know people disagree but there are too many other ways to spend your points

Vanguard - Novelty. To expensive

Land Speeder - Nice idea, Cheap, to fragile

Bikes - Work well in numbers, Expensive to buy, if your opponent stays above ground level your screwed.

Land Speeder Storm - Great unit. Should get some.

Scout Bikes - Look good on paper but aren't really needed.

Heavy Support

Devestators - Work well as 5 man squads in small games and 10 man squads in big ones. can survive better than tanks.

Thunder Fire - Expensive to buy, hard to put together, but worth it, I have trouble leaving it at home

Land Raider - Obsolete. 250 points thats to easy to kill. any serious player can take it out turn 1-2

Predator - Auto cannon, Heavy Bolters, Stormbolter is 10 shots for 95 points, hard to beet for wound output on MC's

Whirl Wind - Indirect, Ignores cover. it just works

Vindicator - the most under-priced unit in the dex. little short on range, works well in pairs, 3 is overkill.

Attrition warfare works for marines - Inflicting casualties with out taking them. I generally go for cheap units that can effectively put out wounds while having a large fire base that can still be effective even after a number of casualties. In larger games a distraction to slow your opponents approach is also usefull

got questions? Ask me

Friday, February 12, 2010

C4 List - Space Wolves wont be done in time

Well my wolves just aren't going to make it.

Here is what I've come up with instead

1500 Points - Codex Space Marines - Red Skulls Chapter

Librarian - Bolt Pistol, Force Weapon, Avenger, Gate of Infinity - 100 Points

Tactical Squad - sgt w/Bolt Pistol and Chainsword, Flamer, Missile Launcher - 170 Points
Rhino - 35 Points

Tactical Squad - sgt w/Bolt Pistol and Chainsword, Flamer, Missile Launcher - 170 Points
Rhino - 35 Points

Tactical Squad - sgt w/Bolt Pistol and Chainsword, Flamer, Missile Launcher - 170 Points

10 x Stern Guard - 2 x Heavy Flamers, 3 x Combi-Melta - 285 Points
Drop Pod - 35 Points

Dreadnought - Plasma Cannon, CCW, Storm Bolter - 115 Points

Dreadnought - Multi Melta, CCW, Storm Bolter - 105 Points

Thunder Fire Cannon - 100 Points

Predator - Auto Cannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Storm Bolter - 95 Points

Whirl wind - 85 Points

Let me know what you think, I might Change it up a bit

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Tounaments, NSW, Australia - My Thoughts

Today something a little Different. Its a list of 8 tournaments I'm hoping to make to it too over the next 12 Months.

C4 - Central Coast Corsairs Cup
Location: Tuggerah, NSW
Points: 1500
Days: 1
Games: 4
Approx Players: 30-35
Army I'm Taking: Space Wolves - Grey Hunter Pack

This is a local tournament run by a rival war gaming club. Should be a fun and fairly relaxed day. However this is one of the first opportunities of the year where players can qualify for high lords and with the new nids dex out this may get a little competitive.

RATING 2/5 - Its an average local tournament, fun but no big deal to skip.

Battle in the Vines
Location: Greta, NSW
Points: 2000
Days: 2
Games: 5
Approx Players: 40-50
Army I'm Taking: Space Marine Battle Company

This is a tournament that people either prepare for all year or that they just take what ever they have painted to. This is unique in NSW as the only tournament of this scale. It takes serious preparation to do well. Build and start painting a list well in advance that you can easily swap units and upgrades in and out of as the meta game changes.

After last year I can say that a tray to carry your army around on and CLEAR squad markings are vital. The first makes it easy to pack up, deploy and move your army about, the second stops the confusion that sets in when most games have a bare minimum of 100 models on the board and some upwards of 200.

RATING 5/5 full marks.

Unnamed Gosford Good Games Tournament
Location: Gosford, NSW
Points: Unknown
Days: Unknown
Games: Unknown
Approx Players: 20-24
Army I'm Taking:Unknown
My local store is teasing there will be a tournament held to fill the 3 month gap between BIV and LOT. Nothing had been made public yet.

Lords of Terra
Location: North Sydney, NSW
Points: 1750
Days: 2
Games: 5
Approx Players: 60-80
Army I'm Taking:Unknown
This is the only event to include both an invitational and open tournament. To qualify players need to finish in the top 10% of a tournament (if there are 19 players only 1st will qualify) or be in the top 10 for any of rankings (

My second at coastal assault was enough to qualify my this year. This tournament is highly competitive. In the invitational players are trying their hardest against the best players in Australia and New Zealand, in the open players see the absence of the top 10% of gamers as a great opportunity to win a tournament.


Mother of All Battles
Location: Sutherlund, NSW
Points: 1250
Days: 3
Games: 11
Approx Players: 20-40
Army I'm Taking: Marines, unless guard are up to scratch

This is another tournament that stands out. 11 games over 3 days. You will get to play short, fast games against a variety of opponents and armies. Last year I had an unfortunate draw of 3 Nid armies and 1 space marines day 1, 3 space marines and 1 guard day 2, and 3 tau on day 3. Hoping to get more variety this year. This tournament is a real endurance test. My tip is take an army you can play in your sleep because on day three you might be.


Coastal Assault
Location: Gosford, NSW
Points: 1500
Days: 1
Games: 4
Approx Players: 20-25
This is the tournament that got me into High Lords of Terra and its at my local store.


Gosford Shield
Location: North Sydney, NSW
Points: 1250
Days: 1
Games: 4
Approx Players: 20-40
After gosford hobbies decided it would no longer support war gaming this tournament was picked up by the central coast corsairs, although there were a few minor admin issues in getting it set up is was still a fun day.


Can Con
Location: Canberra, ACT
Points: 1750
Days: 3
Games: 8
Approx Players: 90-100
Army I'm Taking: There will be 2 new codexes out by then. To early to tell

This is the biggest event of the year. I've never actually made it to Can Con. I intend to make the extra effort to make it next year.

Also quick 1000 Point List for Tonight.

Codex Space Marines
Librarian - Gate of Infinity, Avenger - 100 Points

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Heavy Bolter - 170 Points
5 scouts - Sniper Rifles - 75 Points
5 Scouts - sgt w/ Power Fist and Shot Gun, 4 x CCW and Bolt Pistol - 100 Points

5 x Terminators - Cyclone Missile - 230 Points

Predator - Auto Cannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Storm Bolter
Vindicator- 115 Points
Vindicator -115 Points

Not a nice list, But I want to try out the Elites and Heavy Support combo for a possible LOT list.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Space Wolf Project Update 1500 Points for 13th of March, with a wedding in the middle

C4 is 33 days away. I have now complete 170 points of my 1500 Point Army. Next Saturday I'm getting married and then spending a week in Vanuatu. This is going to be tight. The Red Skulls chapter is on stand by in case the wolves don't make it on time.

Any way here are some WIP pics from the weekend.

I've been trying out some extreme highlighting on the vehicles and think i managed to pull it off.

With the pred I have once again replaced the side sponson pins with lego.

Wolf Guard Battle Leader
This may be risky but I've decided to squad mark the grey hunters on thier Weapons. Red, Yellow, Grey, White, Blue. I'm trying to make a statement about pack loyalty.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Captain Augustus Grant, For Tournament

Just a couple of quick pics today of my newly finished captain.
The Body is from the Master of Recruits Figure, The right hand and sword from the black reach captain, the back pack and left arm from the SM: Commander Box

I never liked the sword that came with this figure so replaced it with the black reach captains. I dry brushed it in Blazing orange, then Sunburst Yellow and then baal red wash. Came up really well

Monday, February 8, 2010

Battle in the Vines Project Update - Magnetic Display Board

Last year at BIV I took a Librarian, 60 Tac Marines, 20 Dev Marines, 3 Rhinos and a Whirl Wind. This year I am taking 101 marines. That't it. No armour, no terminators, just marines. This raises an interesting problem. How do you transport them? Do you really want to take them in and out of their case and sort them before and after each game. No.

So the answer is a tray. The problem with trays is that one good bump and all your hard work ends up smashed on the floor. The answer is magnets.

What you need
1. A flat surface magnets can stick to like a cheap white board, Metal sheet, I used an oven tray.
2. A small Paint roller
3. Cheap acrillic paint
4. Flock
5. Damp Cloth
6. Magnets
BEFORE YOU START - Put your army on the tray and make sure it fits

Firstly the tray. if you can take a magnet when you buy it to make sure. I used a teflon coated steel oven tray

Use your roller to cover the surface of the tray in paint, I used brown, making sure to cover all the area, any spots you leave will show when the flock doesn't stick

Apply liberal amounts of flock, I used Citadel Sand followed by, Static Grass. It is important to keep this thin, too thick and the magnets wont work as well. It is also important to do this quickly before the paint dries.
Take some time to wipe the sides of the tray with a damp cloth to remove excess. While this is drying apply magnets to bottoms of your minis.
Then assemble your force

I can tip this to about 40 degrees before they start to fall over and even then its only the captain and an assault Sgt.

Originally I use PVA Glue, and sand before the layer of paint and flock but then the magnets didn't stick. Luckily I used a non stick pan and the set glue lifted straight out.

Let me know what you think.

- Close ups of the Captain
- Space Wolf Update
- Side Project Update
- a look at the New South Wales, Australia, tournament schedule and top 10 tournament tips.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Slightly Revised list for BIV (2000 Point Battle Company)

Just a quick one today. Changed a few options (Old config pictured)

Captain - Power Sword, Bolt Pistol - 115 Points

Tactical Squad - Melta, Multi Melta - 175 Points
Tactical Squad - Melta, Multi Melta - 175 Points
Tactical Squad - Melta, Multi Melta - 175 Points
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Heavy Bolter - 170 Points
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Plasma Cannon - 175 Points
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Plasma Cannon - 175 Points

Assault Squad - 10 Man - 190 Points
Assault Squad - 10 Man - 190 Points

Devestator Squad - 10 man, 4 x Missile Launcher 230 Points
Devestator Squad - 10 man, 4 x Missile Launcher 230 Points

I realised that I didn't have much power to take out heavy armour. also that my units were a bit all over the place. I've tried to simplify and stream line this. I've downgraded the captains relic blade to a lightning claw, added 2 more melta guns to the tactical Squads to give me better tank hunting, I've also added a plasma cannon. I had 5 points left over and felt It may come in handy

I've also stream lined my Devestator squads to 4 missiles each meaning they should be able to put out some serious cover fire.

Biv is only 10 weeks away. I still have a magnetic display tray to complete and a few modifications to make and maybe some highlights etc.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Recap - I noob's story so far

Its been nearly 18 months since I started my adventures in 40K and 8 since I started this blog.
It all started in October 2008. For years I had been an avid player of the VS System TCG, even running a local club in Newcastle, NSW, unfortunately that game came to an end and I found myself without a hobby.

I have always been one of those people who needs something to occupy their idle time. I'm never really satisified just watching TV, I need to be watching TV, eating something, playing a game on the computer and trying to work out how to fit that 4th Sorcerers Treasure card into my Secret Society of Super Villians deck.

About this time I heard that Good Games was opening franchise in Gosford, NSW, where I had moved for work the previous march. After having to travel 2 hours from Newcastle to Sydney for TCG tournaments a Good Games Store in my local area sounded great.

Although there were no VS games to be had I did join in a demo game of 40K and fell in love with it. Black Reach was out, I'd just had a pay rise and there was a 15% off GW if you joined the local league. So I picked an army. Blood Angels. Aggressive, fast, seemed like a good choice.

Then the 5th ED Space Marine Codex came out. I was blown away and promptly forgot all about the Blood Angels. I started going along with the club to tournaments, Gosford Shield, Battle in the Vines, Lords of Terra, along the way I picked up second hand mini's from friends who used to play, When the 5th ed Imperial Guard Codex came out I decided to start a small army, then bought more, and now I'm trying to get some more Valks and tanks together. I bought the first minis in January 2009, I still haven't finished a model.

Then there was MOAB. The Mother of all Battles. 11 Games, 3 days and the Space Wolf Release on the same weekend. I already had some metal wolves from a friend, so I got carried away, bought a bunch of stuff, now I have a decent size space wolf army. All un-painted. (Painted VS Unpainted VS incomplete list at the bottom)

My first piece of real success came late last year. Fresh from winning the local league I entered a local tournament and got second place.

so after 18months of gaming my ranking in Australia and New Zealand (from sit at
1254 Players Total
Overall - 82nd
Battle - 85th
Sports - 125
Composition - 76th
Painting - 71st

The WIP List
Red Skulls Chapter - C:SM
2 Librarians
2 Captains
64 Tactical Marines
5 x Scout Snipers
6 x Dreadnoughts
10 x Stern Guard
20 Assault Marines
20 Devestators
1 x Predator
2 x Rhinos
1 Thunder Fire Cannon
1 Drop Pod (needs minor repairs)

Red Skulls Chapter - C:SM
Marneus Calgar
7 x Captains - May Retask
2 x Chaplains
1 x Librarain
4 x Honour Guard
1 x Command Squad
10 Tactical Marines
5 Close Combat Scouts
4 Assault Marines - May be re-tasked depending on C:Blood Angels in April
5 x Heavy/special Weapons marines
10 Assault Terminators
10 Terminators
2 x Vindicators
Land Raider
Tech Marine - May get Retasked
2 x Masters of the Forge w/ Conversion Beamers
3 x Scout Bikes
1 x Land Speeder

Chaplain Lemartes
10 x Death Company

Space Wolves
Logan Grimnar
Ragnar Black Mane
Rune Priest
11 x Wolf Gaurd Terminators
2 x Dreadnoughts
1 x Bike Wolf Guard
52 x Grey Hunters
7 Wolf Scouts
2 Drop Pods
6 Swift Claws
Land Raider Crusader
6 x Long Fangs

2 x Command Squad
5 x Infantry Squad
2 x Veteran Squads
3 x Heavy Weapons Squads
5 x Ratlings
1 x Chimera
1 x Leman Rus Battle Tank
1 x Leman Rus Demolisher
1 x Basilisk
1 x Valkyrie
10 x Storm Troopers

Daemon Prince
Kharne the Betrayer
5 Retasked Terminators
24 Khorne Berzerkers
(will use Red Skull Vehicles with different pintle mounts)

War Hound Scout Titan(scratch Built)

20 Terminators
20 Space Marine Scouts
50 Marines
6 Jump Packs

Maybe see what happens when Blood Angels and the rumoured Black Templar books come out.

What's Next
I going to keep doing what I'm doing. Posting, pics, lists and ramblings. Currently I'm working on the wolves. get 1500 points done. Then get my Red Skulls done while most likely adding what I need to make a competitive BA list depending on the codex. Maybe do some Khorne as a side project, and maybe an Infantry Heavy BT force as well. Guard are back burnered unit I can buy a crap ton of armour. I'm hoping to get 2 Valks, 2 Artillery Pieces and another couple of Chimeras before I really start into them again.

What you can do for me
Give me feedback. What do you like, What don't you. If you don't want to add a comment e-mail me. Let me know what you want to see. Pic's? How I did something? what my thinking behind something is? let me know.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

High Lords of Terra List Idea - Psyker Assault force

This is an idea that I've been kicking around and finally crunched the numbers for. Its a combination of several other lists I've seen

1750 Point - Rapid Assault Force - Space Marine Codex

Librarian - Epistolary, Avenger, Gate of Infinity - 150 Points
Librarian - Epistolary, Avenger, Gate of Infinity - 150 Points

5 x Scouts - Sgt w/ Shot Gun, Power fist, 4 x Bolt Pistol, CCW - 100 Points
5 x Scouts - Sgt w/ Shot Gun, Power fist, 4 x Bolt Pistol, CCW - 100 Points
10 x Scouts - 9 Snipers, Heavy Bolter - 150 Points
Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter - 180 Points
Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Heavy Bolter - 180 Points

Stern Guard - 3 x Combi Melta, 2 x Heavy Flamer - 285 Points
Drop Pod - 35 Points

Land Speeder Storm - Heavy Flamer - 60 Points
Land Speeder Storm - Heavy Flamer - 60 Points
3 x Scout Bikes - Power Fist, Locator Beacon - 120 Points

Predator - Auto Cannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Storm Bolter - 95 Points
Whirl Wind - 85 Points
This is all in the opening moves. They are the ones that count
Bikes, Storms, and snipers infiltrate. Hide the Marines w/Librarians.

Gate the Marines/Librarians to the beacon on the bikes, Avenger if possible. Storms charge forward , scouts jump out for the assault, Snipers can snipe or assault. Stern guard drop and rip 1 unit of armour and 1 of infantry apart. Might try to get it together and give it a test run.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Marines Vs Nids - Tactics and List Building

The big question at the moment is how to deal with nids. They're fast, tough and almost unbeatable in close combat. The answer for marines is wound saturation. After seeing the new nids in action on Thursday night the answer seems obvious, kill them before they get near you, and if you can't, that unit is history.

There are several key attributes to note
1. Nids are tough - Many at T6
2. They have multiple wounds and can regenerate
3. They are fast. Gene steelers have fleet and can pop out of terain
4. Marines cannon beat them in close combat. Nurgle Daemons can, maybe orks, but marines might aswell be gaurd in terms of CC.

So here is the challange. How to deal out the most St5, and higher hits. I'm going to assume this is for C4 (1500 point) due to the dawning realisation that my Space Wolves may not be done in time. Lets look at the options

Captain is a good start, cheap, survivable, good variety of load outs
Librarian - Another cheap choice. Avenger, and gate could be usefull, so could vortex of doom
Lysander - Tough as nails, but I don't think even he could go toe to toe with these monsters
Pedro Kantor - Stern Guard as Scoring. A little expensive but I'll see how the points work out

Tactical Marines - Flamers, Heavy bolters and missiles are good. Power weapons and Fists seem like a waste
Scouts - Snipers seem like an obvious choice.

Stern Guard - Hellfire rounds, Dragon Fire Rounds, Kraken Rounds, Great.
Dreanought - Walking fire bases. Definitely needed. Auto cannons, Heavy flamers, assault cannons
Terminators - Thunder Hammer, storm shield may work, seems a little risky. Assault cannon is a possible

Not much here. I really want to keep my distance.

Predator - 10 shots of dakka for focussed fire
Whirlwind - A definite
Thunder Fire Cannon - Another obvious choice
Vindicator - Range is to short
Land Raider - To Expensive at 1500. Does not produce enough shots per point.

Here is the list
1500 Point - Xeno Hunters

Librarian - Gate of Infinity, Avenger - 100 Points

10 Tactical Marines - Flamer, Heavy Bolter - 170 Points
Rhino - 35 Points

10 Tactical Marines - Flamer, Missile Launcher - 170 Points
Rhino - 35 Points

10 Scouts - 9 Snipers, Heavy Bolter - 150 Points

Stern Guard -2 x Heavy Flamer, 3 x Combi Melta - 285 Points
Drop Pod - 35 Points

Dreadnought - 2 x Twin Linked Auto Cannons - 125 Points

Dreadnought - Multi Melta, Heavy Flamer - 115 Points

Predator - Auto Cannon, Heavy Bolter Sponsons, Storm Bolter - 95 Points

Whirl Wind - 85 Points

Thunder Fire Cannon - 100 Points

The Tactics are simple. Wound saturation. Stern Guard are there to take out an early target of opportunity, Snipers wound on a 4+ Hell fire shells wound on a 2+. Dreads lay some early fire and then try to hold up the assaulter's. Rhinos can be used as either a get away or as a roadblock.

Shots go on the big stuff, Templates on the small, try to hit the big stuff at the same time if possible.

Remember a wounded nid is just as dangerous as a healthy one. Shoot to kill, focus on one target at a time. In objective missions try to wipe out their troops and keep yours intact. In kill points take out big stuff first, and gene steelers. They will slaughter you in close combat so take them down quick.