Monday, November 30, 2009

Looking towards guard w/ 1250 list idea

Here is something rough I threw together today in my lunch break. C&C always welcome

Company Command Squad - 3 x Flamers

5 x Ratlings

Infantry Platoon
- Command Squad - 2 x Flamers, Power Weapon
- Chimera - Multi Laser, Heavy Flamer
- Infantry Squad - Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter
- Infantry Squad - Grenade Launcher, Heavy Bolter
- Heavy Weapons Team - 3 x Heavy Bolters
- Heavy Weapons Team - 3 x Mortars

Veteran Squad - 3 x Snipers, Auto Cannon, Forward Sentries

Veteran Squad - 2 x Melta Guns, Heavy Flamer, Demolitions
Chimera - Multi Laser, Heavy Flamer

Fast Attack
Bane Wolf - Heavy Flamer

Heavy Support
Leman Russ Battle Tank
Leman Russ Demolisher

Friday, November 27, 2009

Current Coast Assault Army in Detail


Captain - I feel space marines are rather limited in HQ choice. For my play style most of the time named characters are not worth their points. Each basic style of HQ is 100 points. Captains are a little over priced as most of the time there is a character for the same cost that preforms better.
If you want a captain with a power weapon or power fist, then run a Chaplain, If you have a gun line then a Master of the Forge is better. Drop pods? Then run a Librarian. The only reasons to run a captain are 1) their ability to take bikes as troops, 2) Relic Blades. This captain will be placed with a counter charge unit.

- Relic blade - Str 6 at normal init is amazing. This is by far my favorite CCW in the marine arsenal.
- Storm Shield - Origonally slated as a storm bolter I decided to swap the shooting for more survivability. When paired with a relic blade this captain becomes a great CC asset.

Tactical Squad 1 - I love Tactical Squads. They have an answer to any problem and are flexible enough to always be useful on the battle field. not just their heavy and special weapons but also with waves of bolter fire. Even assaults and krak grenades can turn the tide of battle. The best unit is one that is never useless and Tac Marines are the epitome of this.

Power Fist - A little over rated. Str 8 is nice but its to slow against most infantry. As for vehicles you have krak grenades any way. However it is still the best CC boost available to Tactical Marine Sgts.
Melta Gun - These are great str 8, Assault and melta. Bang for buck they can't be beat. However they do lack range and the second shot from plasma guns is never a bad thing.
Multi Melta - Arguably the best free heavy weapon that Tactical Squads can take. Their range can be limiting but you can't argue with their defensive capabilities

Rhino - People are always talking rubbish about the humble rhino, saying you should take a razor back instead. Most of the time they are right however the ability to fire out the top hatch is sometimes to good to pass up and occasionally you do need to move 10 guys around.

-2nd Storm Bolter - The ability to move 6" fire 2 storm bolters and 2 bolt guns from the hatch is priceless. 6-8 bolt shots or even just 2 storm bolters to back up disembarking marines. It turns the rhino from a rolling coffin into something that can actually kill something occasionally.

Tactical Squad 2
- Melta Gun
- Multi Melta

- 2nd Storm Bolter

Tactical Squad 3
- Plasma Gun - I love plasma. With an expected 12-15 MEQ armies including at least one Grey Knight Army and 1 Plague Marine Army these will be invaluable. Plasma guns are never useless. They can take out marines, terminators, even light vehicles, hell I've shot down everything from hive tyrants to Valkyrie to Scouts with them.
- Plasma Cannon - I wish I could fit more but I just can't justify them. The plasma cannon is in response to the Plague marine list I know is coming in adition to the many MEQ and several terminator based armies that will be there.

Razor Back - Not my usual choice but I decided to try one out. It seems to suit y gun line approach.
- Storm Bolter - following the theme of squeeze in as many shots as possible.

Tactical Squad 4
- Plasma Gun
- Las Cannon - I see las cannons as more suitable on dreads and devestator squads however I needed a troop choice and some long range anti tank.

Dreadnought - Dreadnoughts are my favorite marine unit. I don't feel a marine list is complete with out at least one. either having a mobile gun platform or as a fearsome assault unit once again this never a useless option.
- 2 x twin-linked auto-cannon - I put this in to help against Monstrous Creatures. 4 str 7 hits can't be a bad thing. Originally I was going to try a dreadnought with an assault canon but decided the 48" range and twin linked would be better.

- Twin Linked Las Cannon - This is a great weapon. However a little weak on its own
- Missile Launcher -This compliments the las cannon exceptionally well. It just gives that little extra punch that makes sure that round of shooting is wasted.

Thunder Fire Cannon - This is fast becoming a unit I never leave home without. With a good field of fire this is can turn the tide of battle. This is generally for horde control but does surprisingly well against almost anything.

Predator - I am using configuration as more MC and anti horde power. Although a whirlwind or vindicator do generally have more power they still only generate 1 shot and don't really suit were I'm going with this list.
- Heavy Bolters Sponsons
- Storm Bolter

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Tourny Army WIP, + Random photos

Coastal Assault Army Group Shot.

New black reach dread conversion, 2 x Twin linked Auto Cannons

Captain and Predator, You can clearly see the Lego I used to fix my sponsons.

Marines so far, I keep telling my self I wont buy more but yeah....

Space Wolves So Far

Bjorn the Fell Handed WIP

The 634th Cadians So Far

Armored Sentinel - Originally Painted Iyander darksun and Gyphone sepia I though it looked to much like a honey soy chicken walker. So bleached bone and delvan mud washes were added

Leman Russ - Iyander Dark Sun, Bleached Bone Wash, Delvan mud wash

IG Test minni. Iyander darksun w/Bleached bone fabric, skull white and fortress grey highlights and dwarf flesh

The Display Bench. Left to right
Guard and Titan, Space Wolves, Red Skulls. And yes it is a door on top of a couple of boxes

My Painting Area. You can see bits boxes in the back, a good lamp, and a box o' paint
Also note the newspaper. I'm a messy painter I find the paper helps preserve the bencha little

My Work Bench, Exactly What it looks like an old door on top of boxes from when I moved in.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Coastal Assault Army - Some Subtle Changes

After seeing the players pack last week I have been thinking I could make a few changes to my army. I originally put a vindicator and plasma cannon dread into the army as a knee jerk reaction to a plague marine list. But have decided to go for more troops and less armour

Captain - Relic Blade, Storm Shield

Tactical Squad - Power Fist, Melta Gun, Multi Melta
Rhino - 2 x Storm Bolters

Tactical Squad - Melta Gun, Multi Melta
Rhino - 2 x Storm Bolters

Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon
Razor Back - Twin-linked Heavy Bolter, Storm Bolter

Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Las Cannon

Dreadnought - 2 x Twin Linked Auto Cannons

Dreadnought - Twin Linked Las Cannon, Missile Launcher

Heavy Support

Thunder Fire Cannon

Predator - Auto Cannon, 2 x Heavy Bolters, Storm Bolter

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

SW, IG and possible Ork Fluff

After my recently renamed red skulls, and while I'm trying to get get around to taking some photos I thought I could run through my secondary and possible armies

Imperial Guard - 634th Cadian
Specialty - Desert Warfare

Company Command Squad
Lord Commissar

5 attached Ratling Snipers
10 Special Forces Operators (Storm Troopers)

1st Infantry Platoon
- Platoon Command Squad
- 2 Infantry Squads
- 1 Heavy Weapons Team

2nd Infantry Platoon
- Platoon Command Squad
- 2 Infantry Squads
- 1 Heavy Weapons Team

1st Veteran Squad - Snipers
2nd Veteran Squad - Grenadiers
3rd Veteran Squad - Demolitions
4th Veteran Squad - Grenadiers

2 Armoured Sentinels
1 Scout Sentinel

1 Leman Rus Demolisher
1 Leman Rus Battle Tank

All Subject to change and an Army box I have on order. This is an army I'm still tweaking, finding out what I like. I want some colossus siege mortars and scouts sentinels. I am enjoying working with the yellows, greys, browns and off whites of the desert theme. pics soon
Space Wolves

Great Company of Logan Grimnar

Logan Grimnar
2 Rune Priests
Bjorn the Fell Handed

18 Wolf Guard in Terminator Armour
7 Wolf Scouts
14 Long Fangs

30 Grey Hunters
30 Blood Claws
1 Drop Pod
1 Predator

Reserve Commanders
- Cannis Wolfborn
- Ragnar Blackmane

I generally run this as a more assault capable marine gun line. Needs a lot of work in assembly. 30 Blood claws, 12 terminators and 7 long fangs still need construction. Like my guard I haven't finished paining a single model yet. The ice world theme is fun. focusing on blues and greys.

And Finally Orks
The Blazing Skull Clan
Good Stuffs - Komandos, Burnas
the idea is sneaky pyro maniac orks. A unit of nob bikers with plenty of combi burna's and sneaky Komandos led by Boss Snikrot.
Hoping to get into this some time next year with a jungle theme.

Expect lots of green(Obviously) with earthy browns highlighted in bright primary colors.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Coastal Assault Army - 1500 points - Indepth and new Fluff

Coastal assault is only 4 weeks away. I managed to get my list table-able on the weekend. I'd like to do more work on the tanks then varnish them and call them finished but the army is at a point where I can field it and get a reasonable score. I've also decided to rename my exorcists with a DIY chapter.


Originator - Ultra Marines
Home World - Golgotha
Chapter Master - Augustus Grant
Specialties - Trench Warfare, Librarians, Salvaging Tech

The red skulls were almost destroyed shortly after their creation. Since then they have survived by salvaging weapons from battle fields and repairing them. Most of their remaining space marines fill the second company and vital command positions. They are cautious, chosing to ware down an enemy while minimizing casualties, some see this as cowardice, they see it as survival.

Strength - Weakened. Rebuilding after disastrous campaign against a Hive Fleet

High Command - Chapter Master, 5 Honour Guard, Chief Librarian, Master of the Forge, Various Officers and Advisors (master of the Fleet, Master of the Arsenal, etc)

1st Company - Captain, Chaplain, 2 Librarians 10 Assault Terminators, 20 Terminators, 20 Stern Guard, 2 Dreadnoughts, 1 Drop pod, 1 Land Raider, 1 Land Raider Redeemer

2nd Company - Captain, Librarian, Chaplain, Command Squad, 2 Rhinos, 2 Dreadnoughts, 60 Tactical Marines, 20 Assault marines, 20 Devastators

10th Company - Captain, 28 Scouts

Armoury - 1 Predator, 2 Dreadnoughts, 2 Vindicators, Whirl Wind, Thunder Fire Cannon

My thinking for this list revolved around the question: "What do marines do best?". The answer Attrition. Dealing damage with out taking casualties. So I decided on a mostly static force with plenty of shots and armor

Coastal assault Army list 1250 Points
Red Skulls Siege Force

Chapter Master - Relic Blade, Storm Bolter - Not my usual choice in HQ. The storm bolter was obvious the orbital bombardment is a little hit and miss but I'm hoping that it can give me a little extra bang when I need it.

Tactical Squad - Melta Gun, Multi Melta - Pretty standard short range, high impact anti tank unit.
Rhino - 2 x Storm Bolter - Move 6 fire 2 storm bolters and 2 boltguns. 6-8 shots is not bad for a rhino.

Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon - Marine hunters. MEQ ussually makes the bulk of any tourney. I see them playing a big role. I also know there will be at least one plague marine list and 1 terminator heavy BT list, this unit should help slow them down.
Razor Back - Twin Linked Heavy Bolter, Storm Bolter - Again the extra bolt rounds. in practice games when paired with the rhino this has been great for shifting troops of objectives.

Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Lascannon - Classic anti tank and anti FNP/MEQ/Terminator. This can take on any unit and do damage at range.

Dreadnought - Twin Linked Lascannon, Missile Launcher - I call this the Tank Sniper config. It is one of the best anti armor combos out there. It has 2 decent anti armor weapons and it can move 6 and fire both. I usually run them in pairs but decided to try something different this time out

Dreadnought - 2 x Twin Linked Auto Cannons - I have been looking for an excuse to finish and use this model. I converted it from a "Black Reach" dread. In testing it consistently landed 4 wounds on nearly any target. Plus 4 shots(Twin Linked) at Str 7 makes it great for hunting armour 10 and 11 targets and ok for Armour 12.

Dreadnought - Plasma Cannon, CCW, Storm Bolter - Yes a 3rd Dread. This is another back reach conversion using a devastator plasma cannon. This is for plague marines and MEQ. Its a lethal combo of fire power and close combat strength.

Heavy Support
Predator - Auto Cannon, 2 x Heavy Bolters, Storm Bolter - The ultimate dakka pred. generally a 5 shot fire base or a 10 shot pill box. This is a little horde/MC protection.

Vindicator - Originally I was going to run a whirlwind but the WW just seemed to situational. The vindicator is awesome. it costs 50 points less than a guard demolisher for little difference. This is the most under costed item in the marine dex.

Thunder Fire Cannon - I was a little undecided about this at first but the more I use it the more it becomes a necessity in nearly every list I build. And even if it gets destroyed I have a tech marine repairing my gun line.

This is very much a stationary gun line. Its a "come get me" list. It is about trying to fire as many shots per turn as possible and then rolling over the objectives. This list is designed with the end game in mind, its about getting to turn 5 and then grabbing the objectives. It will be interesting to see how it plays out.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Where the 634th Cadian is headed

After an impulse buy at MOAB I now have about 3000 points of space wolves in varying stages of construction/painting and so my winter theme guard are now desert them guard.

Basic Paint Scheme infantry
1. Chaos black spry
2. Iyander Darksun base coat
3. Bleached bone on the fabric, dwarf flesh for the flesh
4. Grave yard earth, skull white and fortress grey highlights

Basic for Armour
1. Chaos black spray
2. Yander Darksun base
3. Bleached bone wash
4. Delvin mud wash
5. Grave yard earth, skull white and fortress grey highlights
6. weathering effect yet to be determined

I did a little research on desert warfare. and 2 things stood out
1. Snipers
2. Armour

So this is forming the base of my army.

So far my 1250 list idea for Gosford Shield is as follows

Company Command Squad

Infantry Platoon
- Command
- Infantry Squad
- Infantry Squad
- Heavy Weapons Team
- Heavy Weapons Team
- Chimera

Veteran sniper squad


3 x Sentinels

Leman Rus Battle Tank
Leman Rus Demolisher

Pics hopefully this weekend.

Monday, November 9, 2009

League Wrap up and Whats Next for the Noob

Another league has come to an end. This being my 4th at my local store, and at this point I'm finishing with a win. At present I have the most points, there are several people who could catch me if they play there games by Thursday. It turns out I played consistently average 4 wins, 2 draws, 4 losses. The only thing giving my the win were my comp scores.

Next is the Coastal Assault tournament at Gosford Good Games on the 12th of December followed by the Gosford Shield on the 16th of January and Battle in the Vines at Cessnock on April 10.

I'm hoping to get my guard ready for the Gosford Shield, (List coming soon). At present I am happy with about 5 of my 40 models for Coastal assault. and my battle company for BiV is coming along slowly.

Anyway here is my coastal assault list

Chapter Master - Storm Bolter, Relic Blade

Tactical Squad - Plasma gun, Plasma Cannon
Razor Back - Twin Linked Heavy Bolter, Storm Bolter
Tactical Squad - Plasma gun, Las Cannon
Tactical Squad - Melta Gun, Multi Melta
Rhino - 2 x Storm Bolter

Dreadnought - Plasma Cannon, CCW, Storm Bolter
Dreadnought - 2 x Twin Linked Auto Cannons
Dreadnought - Twin Linked Las Cannon, Missile Launcher

Thunder Fire Cannon
Predator - Auto Cannon, 2 x Heavy Bolters, Storm Bolter

Friday, November 6, 2009

Final Round of League

after a big win last night I am now coming second with 1 game to play on sunday. I need 24 points to claim the top spot.

Here's the list,

Librarian - Force Weapon, Bolt Pistol, Avenger, Gate of Infinity - 100 Points
Librarian - Terminator Armor, Force Weapon, Storm Shield, Might of the Ancients, Null Zone - 140 Points

10 x Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Multi Melta, Rhino - 215 Points
10 x Tactical Squad - Plasma Gun, Multi Melta, Rhino - 215 Points
10 x Scouts - sgt w/ bolt pisol and ccw, 8 x bolt guns, Heavy bolter - 150 Points

10 x Stern Guard - 2 x combi Meltas, melta gun, Heavy Flamer, Drop Pod - 310 Points
5 x Assault Terminators- Thunder Hammers and Storm Shields - Land Raider - 450 Points
Dreadnought - Multi Melta, CCW, Storm Bolter - 105

Vindicator - 115 Points
Vindicator - 115 Points
Predator - Auto cannon, 2 x Heavy Bolters - 85 Points

2000 Total.

I will be at Good Games in Gosford, NSW from about 11am on Sunday the 8th if anyone wants to come in for a game.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Cheese List for Catch up game

League is ending, I need a win. So here is the hardest 1750 army I could come up with.

Librarian - Avenger, Might of the Ancients

Tactical Squad - Flamer, Multi Melta, Razor Back
Tactical Squad - Flamer, Multi Melta, Razor Back
Tactical Squad - Plasma gun, las Cannon

Dreadnought - Multi Melta
Dreadnought - Plasma Cannon
5 x Assault Terminators - Thunder hammers, Storm Shields, Land Raider

Heavy Support
Thunder Fire Cannon

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Space Wolves at 2000 Points for League

1 game to go, and 1 catch up to play, the league is coming to a head.

This week its Space Wolves.

Logan Grimnar
Bjorn the Fell Handed

10 x Grey Hunters - 2 x Plasma Guns
10 x Grey Hunters - 2 x Plasma Guns
10 x Grey Hunters - 2 x Melta Guns, Plasma Pistol, Power Fist, Drop Pod
6 x Wolf Guard (all terminators)
- Arjac
- Storm Bolter, Power Weapon, Cyclone Missile Launcher
- Frost Blade, Storm Bolter
- Power Fist, Storm Bolter
- Chain Fist, Storm Bolter
- 2 x Wolf Claws

Dreadnough - Assault Cannon, Heavy Flamer

Heavy Support
Predator - Twin linked Las Cannon, 2 x Las Cannons
6 x Long Fangs - 2 x Las cannons, Plasma Cannon, Heavy Bolter, Missile Launcher