Wednesday, August 7, 2013

BAV Charity Project - Pick a Paint Scheme

For the last month or so I have been working on a charity project asking gamers to donate old models which we will then strip repair and customise into an army which will be raffled off at Battle Around the Vines on the 4th of May next year.

Ticket sales will start soon. Just working through some of the logistics.
Above I am asking people to vote on a paint scheme, the final list will be worked out once the new Space Marine codex is released , hopefully next month.

So vote above and comment below.

So far I have collected

Terminator Librarian
Terminator Chaplain
Captain/Chapter Master - Might go crazy and do a magnetized all options model here
Command Squad

5 Terminators
5 Assault Terminators
10 Stern Guard
2 Dreadnoughts
1 Iron Clad Dreadnought
Tech Marine + Servitors

Heaps of Marines
Heaps of Scouts

Fast Attack
Land Speeder Squadron
Land Speeder Storm

Heave Support
Thunder Fire Cannon

2 Rhinos
1 Drop Pod

Defense line with quad gun

2 Blane Blades