Friday, April 4, 2014

Last nights game

THis is as best as I can remember it.
I got First turn, Night fighting turn one. 

I started everything on the board, Noxus deepstriked his vespids

Turn 1
Wolves - Not much happened, everything charged forward except the whirlwind, stalker and scouts

Tau - Steal suits jumped forward and took out a vindicator for first blood a few other guys died but nothing major

Turn 2
Wolves - Razor backs take out the missile broadsides, insta gibs with las cannons, whirlwind and vindicator drop some pie plates. Stealth suits get assaulted and wiped by the fire hawks, sky claws fluff thier charge range and get stuck in the open.

Tau - 1 squad of Vespids come in, fluff their to wound rolls, kill a couple of sky claws. sky claws and assault marines take most of the damage both squads only have a few models left. 

Turn 3
Wolves - Assault Marines and chapter master move in on some path finders and fire warriors, Wolf Lord charges a riptide and losses his squad in the process. pie plates are still going off,
Vespids get shot to pieces by the grey hunters.Assault marines charge both the fire warriors and path finders, win the combat, run down the fire warriors, path finders run into the open. Wolf lord draws combat with the rip tide. 

Tau - Pathfinders fail to regroup, and are stuck in the open, 1 riptide in combat, second squad of vespids mishaps and get placed out of the way in the back corner. Crisis suit and the vespids do a little damage, second vindicator goes down. grey hunters fail moral and run out of charge range from the vespids, Assault marines are wiped and only the chapter master remains. wolf lord Lord and riptide both take wounds are are down to 1 wound each.

Turn 4
Wolves - Land speeders pop forward to use thier heavy flamers. path finders and fire warriors die. Chapter master charges the other riptide. 1 Riptide dies in combat. wolf lord is in the open. 

Tau - Vespids charge shoot and then charge the wolf lord who is on one wound. They get wiped. wolf lord consolidates forward, Chapter master is killed by the other riptide. Crisis suit punches some tanks to death. both land speeders die. 

Turn 5
Wolves - Wolf Lord charges the Etherial and kills him in a challange. his honor guard pass leadership and hang around. Crisis suit dies to bolt guns. 

Tau - Honour gaurd die to the wolf lord, wolf lord consolidates with in 6 inches of the broadside and riptide. One squad of grey hunters gets killed and knocked of an objective. 

Game ends. I have one objective

What was good in the wolf list
2 Characters with 2+3+ and eternal Warrior. 
3 pie plates + orbital bombardment, 
3 twin linked las cannons to instagib things.

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