Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Camp Con - The Army

Later this month I'm running a small event for a dozen friends, its 2500 Points, 8 games, 3 days, very laid back. Heavy on the beers and light on competitiveness. 1 Super Heavy, 2 org charts pretty much anything goes

My Army

Khan  - Moondraken

5 Terminators - Cyclone Missile Launcher

2 x 4 Bikes+Attack Bike - 2 Plasma Guns, 1 Multi Melta
1 x 4 Bikes+Attack Bike - 2 Melta Guns, 1 Multi Melta

2 x Storm Talons - Typhoon Missiles

2 x Mortis Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts with Kheres Pattern Assault Cannons and Cyclone Missile Launchers

Predator - Auto Cannon, Lascannon Sponsons

Warhound Titan - Double Barrelled Turbo Laser Destructor, Plasma Blast Cannon

27 Models.

This is designed for quick games. This will either win quickly or completely fall apart.

Khan and the bikes to quickly take out targets

The pred for ranged support against tanks and MC's

Termies to provide some range and protect the dreads and Warhound

Warhound because it was an excuse to finally get one.

Should be fun.

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