Thursday, April 3, 2014

BAV Army Pre Test Army List

BAV is a tournament coming up in the Hunter Valley in NSW on the first weekend in May.
For this they trailing a comp system which has been developed by a bunch of highly competitive players in Victoria, the system is points based, everyone starts with 20 points to spend on the composition of their army.

So if you take bikes, flyers, MC's or anything good expect to pay some comp points, sounds reasonable.

How this affects my army
Primary: Space Wolves
Space wolves take a comp hit for Run Priests, Wolf Guard, Wolf Cav, Characters on bikes and Woves, long fangs, more than 3 transports, drop pods, wolf standards or having more than 55 models. This is a 2000 point tournament so that does make tit hard to keep under the point limit.

Without my 2 go to HQ's of Rune priest or wolf lord on a thunder wolf I was a little stuck.
Characters generally also took a hit or were just plain not worth it. Bjorn the fell handed was one idea. Bjorn and his 3 merry dreadnoughts where an Idea I played with, but that would have meant buying 4 dreadnought. Not something that I can justify for 1 tournament

So something fast and assaulty.

Wolf Lord
- Jump Pack for Mobility
- Runic Armor, Storm Shield and Saga of the Bear so he survives the first shot.
- Thunder hammer because I ran out of power fists on the right side

No wolf guard, they cost a point, wolf scouts are pretty rubbish in 6th, I considered dreadnoughts and lone wolves but in the end spent my points else where.

Grey hunters are the only real choice for a low model army, 3 squads + Transports
I have a great deal of success with las cannon razor back recently at gosford shield so 3 of those
2 with melta, 1 with flamer

5 x Grey Hunters, Melta Gun, Razor Back with Twin Linked Lascannon
5 x Grey Hunters, Melta Gun, Razor Back with Twin Linked Lascannon
5 x Grey Hunters, Flamer, Razor Back with Twin Linked Lascannon

Fast Attack
First up I needed something for my wolf lord to run around with.
10 Sky Claws with a Power Fist.

Then I needed some more ranged fire power.

2 x Land Speeder - Heavy Flamers, Typhoon Missiles. I could have gone heavy bolter but I find the flamer more usefull, the ability to pop forward 12 inches and flame some infanty has proven more usefull that a couple of pot shots with a heavy bolter

Heavy Support
No Long Fangs. to much of a comp hit. The second best heavy support is of course the Vindicator.
This is now better in 6th ed with the whole template being full strength against vehicles. And Wolves still have them for cheap.

2 x Vindicator - Siege Shield

The next option is a little controversial. A Whirl Wind. Against space marines they do little to nothing. However against guard, Tau Infantry, Eldar Infantry this is a great little option. Hitting a unit that is out of site behind cover and ignoring cover, ignoring armor and woulding on a 2 is extremely usefull.

1 x Whirl Wind

At this point I needed some AA. Fortifications are out, same with flyers. That Leaves the Hunter, the Stalker or the Hydra.

I toyed with gaurd but they didn't fit so marines it is.

Wolf lord is so nice, might as well do it again.

Chapter Master - Jump Pack, Artificer Armor, Shield Eternal, Thunder Hammer.

This came about later, you'll see why. 5 Scouts - Sniper Rifles Cammo Cloaks

Fast Attack
10 Assault Marines, Power Fist

Heavy Support
Stalker - I'm trying this out for the first time. I find against Armor 12 quad gun style weapons are a little in effective. so go for the one with armor bane.

Chapter Tactics 
This was a conundrum. I looked high and low. I went through the forge world chapter tactics, considered Fire Hawks, considered raven gaurd, white scars and even red hunters.

At the moment its Iron Hands for 6+FNP and It Will not die for my HQ and AA.

Trying this out tonight, Battle report to follow.

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